16 Fun Facts about Cryptocurrency You Need to Know

Introduction – all the fun facts about cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency FactsCryptocurrency, the biggest buzzword among the cool cats, those who like to push the envelope and live big. By now we have all heard – or, maybe even experienced! – it, and maybe we even know some fun facts about cryptocurrency ourselves. When it made its first appearance on a very suspicious market, it was initially hailed as the “Digital Cash” of the modern world, or even the “Money of the Future”.

Much like online casinos, no-one knew quite what to make of it, and it started out very much as an experiment. Well, some years down the line we can safely say that the experiment has succeeded and has now grown big enough to sustain entire markets and industries. In fact, it has completely revolutionised the gambling market and is one of the preferred deposits and withdrawal methods at online casinos.

And with good reason too, as you will discover here on our list of fun facts about cryptocurrency. Gone is the suspicious market and, it has instead been replaced by hordes of people eager to get their hands on the latest cryptocurrencies. But what makes the idea of cryptocurrencies so attractive? The element of mystery helps of course – we all love trying out new things, right? In truth, however, there isn't much more mystery surrounding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin and any of the others. Many online sites that deal in cryptocurrencies have seriously upped their security game and really make an effort to simplify the whole process and explain the way it works to those who are still dipping their toe into this fun currency.

If you're reading this, chances are that you are intrigued by the whole topic and you're up for discovering some fun facts about cryptocurrency. Have you been using cryptocurrency while playing your favourite games at an online casino? If so, why not learn a bit more about it by checking out these fun facts about cryptocurrency that we've had quite a bit of fun unearthing for you! And if you haven't used them yet, dive right into our feature below and, before you know it, you'll be all set to go.

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Fun Facts about Cryptocurrency

 1. The founder of Bitcoin is a Ghost

fun facts about cryptocurrencies

Maybe we've gotten so tied up to the idea of figuring out cryptocurrency and how it works, that we haven't even thought of asking the obvious question. Who created Bitcoin, the first piece of cryptocurrency? I mean, it had to take a certain kind of genius to wake up one day and go: “You know what? To hell with all these silly dollars and Euro notes. What we need is a good, convenient, digital currency.”

Genius. And, not only that. It certainly had to be someone – or, more likely, a group of someones – with a highly-developed adventurous streak. There's a whole ocean of difference between coming up with a brilliant idea and actually translating it into reality in an efficient manner. And Bitcoin certainly translated itself to our reality in an extraordinarily efficient manner.

So, who invented Bitcoin? Our favourite reply is that it was invented by a ghost. That's our number one interesting fact about cryptocurrency, and the version that we are sticking with, simply because we love it.

The real details, of course, may be somewhat different. So, let's see who's this most famous ghost of the 21st-century. For starters, no-one has formally claimed ownership for the digital code upon which Bitcoin is based. This is one of the things that make it such a fun currency – it belongs to everyone and it belongs to no-one.

The person most closely associated with the idea of ownership is Satoshi Nakamoto, who also gave his name to the famous satoshi dice. Question is: is this a person, or a group of people?  In 2014, a journalist from Newsweek claimed to have hacked the identity of the elusive Nakamoto, tracking a man named Dorian Nakamoto to Los Angeles. At first, it appeared as though the mystery had finally been cracked, with details about how the reclusive man admitted his involvement in the creation of the currency. After the story emerged, however, Newsweek issued a statement saying that Mr Nakamoto was now denying his role in the creation of Bitcoin.

Strike one to the ghost, and we're back where we started! Various other newshounds have tried to get definite proof of the identity of this ‘ghost', of course. A week after Newsweek's story broke, a writer from Forbes Magazine pulled a Sherlock and claimed that his sources had led him to a ‘paralyzed genius' called Hal Finney who was the ghost-writer of Bitcoin code.

Finney, the report said, was one of those who had worked closely with Nakamoto and had helped him write the code for the currency. Sadly, his role does not quite qualify as a rags-to-riches story, as Finney sold his share for a much lower price they would normally be worth in the face of mounting medical bills.

So, who really invented Bitcoin? The honest answer is that no-one has a real clue. No story is confirmed, no report is proven which leaves us with… a ghost! How's that for a fun fact about cryptocurrency?

2. Forget Normal Banks – Your Crypto Wallet is your New Best Friend

Rule number 1 if you are dealing in any form of cryptocurrency is that you cannot afford to lose your Crypto Wallet. No, seriously. We cannot stress this point hard enough. Do your research, find a crypto wallet you are comfortable using and guard it (and your password) with your life. This is not the same thing as when you lose the password to your email account and hit the ‘forgot your password?' bar for a fast recovery. If someone else gains access to your crypto wallet you are, not to be too delicate about it, screwed.

So, get yourself a reputable crypto wallet, your own unique private key that will allow you to unlock and use your cryptocurrency funds. Step 2 is to secure your wallet by encrypting it. Use a strong password and store it somewhere safe. Password recovery options are very, very limited and for obvious reasons. Once again, this is not like when you lose the password to your email.

Your next step is to get an offline wallet (also referred to as a cold storage) for your savings. Don't keep all your funds in a crypto wallet, in the same way, you wouldn't keep all your cash savings with you in your physical wallet. Once all this is sorted, you're good to go. See, our fun facts about cryptocurrency are not only fascinating – they can also help you manage your crypto wealth better.

Still confused about how the crypto wallet works? Don't panic – this article offers a perfect, geeky overview of what you should do. It's a good tool to have before deciding on which crypto wallet is the right one for you, as the choice is pretty much endless.

Nobody knows for sure the total number of crypto wallets available in this hyperspace. According to some experts and cryptocurrency analysts, it is speculated there are 6-12 million active wallets available storing all the crypto wealth. More than 50% of the cryptocurrency wallets offer storage for more than one type of cryptocurrency.

3. Bitcoin Pizza is a Thing

You've probably heard the story of how one of the first purchases ever made using Bitcoin was for pizza. But, an even more fun fact about cryptocurrency is not what was bought, but how much it cost. The year is 2010, the hungry man in question a Hungarian programmer who went by the name of Laszlo Hanyecz. You know how it is, you're gaming happily on your coach, having a chat with your online buddies and the munchies hit you bad.

Now, at this point you have two choices: you can either get up and make yourself a sandwich or something nutritious. This is a choice that few of us will actually make, and I'd be ready to bet a considerable amount of Bitcoin (if I had it) that you will all go for my second option – calling in a delivery guy.

What our hungry Hungarian opted for, instead, is the following: basically, posted on the Bitcoin forum that he frequented that he'd be very happy to use 10,000 bitcoins to pay for a couple of pizzas. The conditions were the following: that he wouldn't have to lift a finger to get these pizzas, and they'd just materialise on his doorstep. Two days later, an 18-year-old student delivered. The pizzas cost the princely sum of $25 and, for the trouble, he got paid in 10,000 BTC – or, $20,000,000, officially making this the most expensive food delivery order in the history of all lazy buggers who can't be bothered to phone in their order.

So what's best? Two pizzas in hand? Or a few odd million in the bank? Tough call to make, but Mr Hanyecz claims to have no regrets. This fun fact about cryptocurrency did coin a term that remains in use today – Bitcoin Pizza. It is celebrated on May 22, the day this legend placed his pizza order and made the worst financial decision in the history of man. There's even Twitter handle that shares more interesting facts about cryptocurrencies, like how much these two pizzas would be worth today, on a daily basis! Thank you, Mr Hanyecz.

4. One of the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies started life as an Internet Meme

fun facts about cryptocurrencies

So fun, such money. Wag your tails for the Dogecoin, which has to be the cutest form of cryptocurrency available. Now, I know what you're thinking: ‘cute' is not a word we thought we'd ever use in relation to money. After all, we'd never dream of calling the Dollar ‘cute', would we?

Ah, but that was before the advent of the Dogecoin in 2013, which is when one programmer whose brain is definitely wired differently to the rest of us – Billy Markus, from Portland, Oregon, we salute you – came up with the ingenious idea of using the infamous Doge Meme as the basis for this new currency. Although he intended this mostly as a joke, the idea quickly grew hold and, as is the want with cryptocurrencies people loved it. By 2015 there were about a 100 billion coins in circulation and the currency was being widely used in cryptocasinos as a tipping tool.

An even more fun fact about this cryptocurrency is that its inventors are as loveable as man's best friend and the community does a real lot of charity work. Among other things, the Dogecoin foundation has helped build a well in Kenya in cooperation with Charity: Water, and even sponsored a number of world-class athletes.

Today, most cryptocurrency exchanges accept Dogecoins, and crypto-wallets specifically cater to them, while a number of online casinos like this one also accepting them. And, although their value remains low compared to cryptocurrencies with a bigger wow factor like Bitcoin, those who mine them are ever-hopeful that this will indeed turn out to be a story of so wealth, such wow.

And let whoever doesn't believe in the power of the interwebz read this and learn.

5. Cryptocurrency is Anonymous(ish), but its Movements can Actually be Traced

One of the biggest attractions of cryptocurrency, touted far and wide, is the fact that it's considered an anonymous form of money. How is this on the list of fun facts about cryptocurrency, if everyone knows it, I hear you ask.

Ah, but here likes the trick. Although to a certain extent, for normal users, cryptocurrency will remain anonymous, this isn't necessarily true for everyone and in every circumstance. Think hard about what we all know about cryptocurrencies – one of the biggest myths surrounding it, and the one that puts a lot of people off, is the fact that it has been described as ‘shady' and as opening the doors for illegal activities such as money-laundering.

The truth is rather different. Cryptocurrency does have the advantage of being anonymous for activities that are totally legit, such as playing at your favourite crypto casino. In fact, such casinos will usually not require any form of registration or any exchange of personal information. This is because you are engaging in a harmless activity that is sanctioned by law. In short, no-one cares which slots you're spinning using your hard-earned Bitcoins.

This doesn't mean that, should the need arise, the movement of all cryptocurrency can't be traced. In fact, you can actually figure out how much crypto moves from one wallet to another using public tools like Blockchain Explorer and Etherscan. These tools allow you to search for things like blockchain address, public transactions and entire blocks (which are like the database of all transactions).

6. Cryptocurrency now comes with its own debit card!

Say what, now! Yup, true story. This is probably one of the more unbelievable on the list of fun facts about cryptocurrency of all, as the digital money that was intended to exist only in the digital world now can be manifested through a physical cash card!

The differences between traditional (fiat) currencies and cryptocurrencies are many, but in one aspect they are exactly the same. There will come a time when you will want to spend your cyrptocoins! And, maybe, not only at casinos. For starters, there are many online traders that now accept cryptocurrencies, such as Pizzaforcoins, for example, where you can buy pizza in exchange for Bitcoins – and no prizes for guessing where that one came from!

But maybe you don't share our belief that pizza is life. Maybe, you'd like to buy other stuff with your cryptocurrency. You're in luck – Amazon actually does accept Bitcoin via Amazon Purse. Then there's Subway, the sandwich place, because as we've established it's not just about the pizza. Shopify lets you trade on the internet via cryptocurrency… you get the gist. Many more digital portals than you'd have thought already accept crypto.

But on to the biggest wow factor of this fascinating fact about cryptocurrency: the crypto card, aka TenX. TenX works very much like any other debit card and lets you directly withdraw your cryptocurrency from ATMs or simply pay for it at outlets in the usual manner.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn't. With a tagline like “We make cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere in the world,” you know that TenX does exactly what it promises to on the tin. The process is very straightforward: top up the TenX Wallet with your favourite cryptocurrencies, (because the wallet and card work best in tandem)  start spending. At the time of writing the card only supports Bitcoin and Etherium, but more currencies are set to be added in the short-term.

7. Lamborghini was one of the First Major Companies to Trust Bitcoin

The Italian automobile giants are known for producing some of the most stylish and expensive car models around, loved by celebs and common mortals alike. The Diablo GT, for instance, had sold for a cool $1 million. Everyone from Kanye West to Mariah Carey seems to want in on a piece of the Lamborghini action and rap star Akon famously immortalised the brand in the hit single Smack That.

Well, you'll be glad to know that Lamborghini lives up to the hype and ups the cool factor considerably by actually accepting Bitcoin in exchange for their coveted vehicle models. Got Bitcoin? Will Lamborghini. Just check out the story of this multi-millionaire who decided that rolling in money was not enough to make us all jelly – no, he just had to go and show off all that Bitcoin when shopping for new wheels.

And, guess what, the guys at the dealership didn't even bat an eyelid and took it like champs when he literally brought out 45 Bitcoins. I can hear the hushed awe as you read one of the coolest fun facts about cryptocurrency all the way from here.

8. The Supply of Bitcoin is Limited to 21 Million Units

Maybe, more than on the list of fun facts about cryptocurrency, this one should be a WTF moment. At least it was for me, when I discovered that this isn't simply some internet urban legend, but is actually true.

I mean, the whole idea behind digital is that it is endless, right? The fact that it's intangible surely should mean that we can go on to mine as many pieces of Bitcoin as we wish. Only, apparently, it's not and we can't. So, this is the deal: whether you like it or not, there will only be 21 million units of Bitcoin available till 2140. And after that, it's endgame baby. No more new Bitcoin units.

Sounds crazy? That's because it is. Or maybe… not so much. The value of Bitcoin seems to be going from strength to strength with occasional minor dips. Can you imagine as soon as the world realises that there is no more Bitcoin to be had? The demand will be insane. And it's likely to lead to insane profits for those clever enough to go for it when there was still time.

If you're still trying to wrap your head around the idea that we will eventually run out of new Bitcoin, you are in good company. Basically this is what is expected to happen: there are only are only 21 million Bitcoin units that can be mined in total. Once miners have unlocked them all, the world's supply will have been exhausted. Think of it as digital coin: you can't just create gold out of thin air. Once all the gold is mined, that's it. With Bitcoin it's like that, too.

The only way around this is if Bitcoin's coding protocol is changed to allow for a larger supply. So far, there don't seem to be any plans for this possibility. Then again, this isn't exactly the most predictable of industries, so who knows. The only sure thing is best get it while there is still time.

9. Who owns the biggest Bitcoin wallet? The FBI.

This one is one of the wackier fun facts about cryptocurrency than the one about the multi-million dollar pizzas. We have heard so many stories about cryptocurrencies being the devil's spawn and the gateway to all sorts of illegal shenanigans.

At face value, the FBI and cryptocurrencies aren't exactly part of the same squad. With regular warnings issued, it pretty much would seem like the FBI are still stuck somewhere in the 18th century and anything other than good old-fashioned foldable cash should be immediately outlawed. When I read faces like this, with the FBI tying cryptocurrencies to extortion schemes and heaven else knows what, it is easy to be scared off. And, of course, cryptocurrency fraud is a real thing, which is why we can't stress security often enough.

However, these holier-than-thou pronouncements by the biggest law enforcement institute in the USA fall somewhat flat on their face upon realising that the FBI is actually one of the most prominent owners of Bitcoin wallets, owning an estimated present value of over $120 million.

Fine, so maybe the circumstances of this ownership is less about trading and more about actual law enforcement. As the story goes, when the FBI closed down the Silk Road online drug trading channel, it confiscated everything related. Including the cryptocurrency wallet. Which contained a rather beautiful amount of Bitcoins.

And there you have it, the biggest owners of Bitcoin are, ironically, those who keep warning us against it. Any chance of an auction, do you suppose?

Reality is that when the world is faced with something new and – for some – difficult to understand – like Bitcoin, there will always be those who refuse to let themselves be convinced. The investor mogul Warren Buffet in an interview once said that Bitcoin is a mirage and cannot be trusted. Similarly, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has referred cryptocurrency as “fraud” and “worse than the tulip bulbs”.

But in spite of all the naysayers, the craze for the virtual currencies remains very much on the rise, and people are using it extensively for investing and as a payment method at online casinos.

10. You can actually get physical Bitcoins

interesting facts about cryptocurrencies

Yeah, yeah I know what you're thinking. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? This one is even weirder than a cryptocurrency debit card, because at its root a card remains entrenched in the digital world. Actual coins, on the other hand, exist very much in the physical world.

To be blunt, I'm not sure that I'm on board with this one myself. But hey, fun facts about cryptocurrency is what you asked for, and fun facts about cryptocurrency are what you're getting. There do exist a number of companies that manufacture these coins, with the most popular most likely being Caucasus. According to the official website, Caucasus Bitcoin is “a collectable coin backed by real Bitcoins embedded inside. Each piece has its own Bitcoin address and a redeemable private key on the inside, underneath the hologram”.

Which is all very well but – how does this actually work in real life? I mean, no-one actually bothers to check the holograms on coins, right? This is the short version: the private key is protected by a tamper-proof hologram.  The hologram leaves behind a honeycomb pattern if it is peeled. If the hologram is intact, the bitcoin is good. If you have purchased a two-factor item, the private key is encrypted and will need to be decrypted using your pre-chosen password before you can redeem the funds. Not quite the same as handing over your $2, but hey that's the fun of it!

Question is: is it worthwhile getting these coins? Quite frankly I don't much see the point to them – after all, the intention behind cryptocurrency is to get rid of the physical encumbrances, and if it's easy withdrawal and payment using cryptocurrency that you're after, the TenX card will more than cover this need. Number 10 on the list of fun facts about cryptocurrency is so weird that is might just be my favourite.

11. Earning Bitcoins is relatively simple – all you need to do is Play Games!

fun facts about cryptocurrency

On to more fun facts about cryptocurrency. The one overriding question that I had when I first discovered cryptocurrency was the obvious one: ok, fine this is all very interesting but where do I actually get this currency? It's not like you can walk into your local bank and ask to change a handful of dollars. For quite some time after I had first learnt about Bitcoin, I was under the impression that the only way you could get your hands on Bitcoin was by investing in six computers and leaving them going night and day. Talk about myths and misconceptions!

And, the initial mystique that surrounded Bitcoin did not help, of course. It was almost like those who were involved knew that they were on to a good thing and didn't want to share the knowledge! Well, not anymore. Acquiring Bitcoin – or any other form of cryptocurrency, for that matter – is as easy as pie. There are so many ways to get it, starting with a normal online exchange like Bitfinex or Bitstamp: you register, exchange your dollars and Bob's your uncle. No faffing around, Bitcoin's in your wallet before you can click ‘okay'. You can go the old-fashioned way by mining it through a platform like Honeyminer.

Or, you can also play some games, have fun, and earn yourself some free cryptocurrency. And if it sounds too good to be true, well for a change it isn't. Many digital platforms offer players the possibility of earning free crypto while playing – look out for the ‘faucet' or ‘rain' feature on certain games, which essentially means that free cyrptocoins will be given out randomly to players at random times of the day.

Or, alternatively, play Counter Strike, if you're into multi-player, first person shooters, and you'll get paid simply for playing, via the Counter Strike Wallet. One of the lesser-known fun facts about cryptocurrency is that this is not the only game that does this – a very similar game called War Field also does the same, paying players for coins. Multi-player shooting games are not my thing, but I'm guessing by the tagline – ‘Every Kill Means Coins' – that this is not for the faint-hearted. Hey, no judgements here, if shooting a couple of computer characters is all it takes to earn free crypto, then I'm willing to take an interest. Yes, it does mean that your computer is probably being mined while you're playing, but bitcoins don't grow on trees.

12. There are more than 1300 Cryptocurrencies On the Market

Of course, I'm sure you're all aware that it's not just about the Bitcoin, and that there are myriad other types of cryptocurrencies available. Bitcoin was simply the first one to be created, so it stuck to the collective imagination of everyone. One of the fun facts about cryptocurrency that most will not necessarily be aware of is that cryptocurrencies are officially segmented into three types. Bitcoin gets the royal treatment and its own category, simply by virtue of being the first, the most popular and also the most valuable.

What came next are all the other cryptocurrencies, now conveniently grouped together under the category of Altcoins. Litecoin, Etherium, ZCash, DASH, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Neo, Cardano, Eos… these are the main successors of Bitcoin, although whether they will be as successful remains to be seen. And there are many more, with new variations being created regularly, however, their market cap is not significant enough as yet. In the future, who knows?

So what about the third category? These are the Tokens/dApps (Decentralised Applications) such as Civic, BitDegree and WePower, based on Blockchain technology.

13. Without Blockchain, there would be no Cryptocurrencies

We have so gotten used to throwing this terminology – Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain – around, that they have almost become interchangeable. In reality, Blockchain is the basis on which everything is built, the first building block that holds the digital empire of cryptocurrencies and dApps. Although nowadays we rarely talk about Blockchain when trading, this doesn't remove the fact that what lies beneath the cryptocurrency is far more valuable than the cryptocurrency itself.

In fact, the entire infrastructure of digital cash including is founded on Blockchain Technology. But enough with the big talk – what is Blockchain exactly? Put simply, it is a decentralised and digital ledger that keeps a record of all payments and transfer transactions in a secure and safe environment without any third party access. It's like your very own personal vault at Fort Knox, if you will.

For all the geeks who want to know all about the entire process, this infographic offers a really cool explanation. And, if you're after the simplified version, this is it: Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied. This is achieved through a “time-stamped series of immutable records of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity”.

What makes the blockchain technology interesting enough to make it on our fun facts about cryptocurrency list is the fact it is entirely decentralised. There is no central hub for storing the information. With no significant data centres, cybercriminals are unable to hack it and get access to the digital currency. In other words, your cryptocurrency is entirely safe from any unauthorised access.

15. The USA has the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs in the entire world

I suppose it is hardly surprising that the biggest power nation on the planet also has the highest number of ATMs that support cryptocurrencies. As of last year, there were almost 2,000 Bitcoin ATMs across 43 states, with the most popular states for digital currency machines being Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois, New York, New York; Miami, Florida; and Las Vegas, Nevada. In short all the most glamorous places we're used to seeing on telly match this glamorous lifestyle even with their digital currency preferences.

These ATMs are becoming more popular not only in the USA, although they are progressing at a much slower rate in other countries. It is calculated that there are six new such ATMs installed daily across the world. Up until last year, the number totalled about 3,000, almost tripling in amount since 2017. Which means only one thing – the market is going through accelerated growth.

16. Some Countries have Actually Banned Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Fun FactsMaybe not exactly one of the top fun facts about cryptocurrency, but this one is too remarkable not to mention. It will probably not surprise you to learn that some countries have actually banned digital currency. In spite of being the hottest thing since the sliced bread, cryptocurrencies are not accepted everywhere. The decentralised and unregulated nature of digital cash has led many countries to ban it.

So which countries are the culprits? Well, there's a bit of mayhem where legislation is concerned. Some countries have not made it illegal – however, neither have they regulated it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially as the whole idea behind cryptocurrency was to have a decentralised system that doesn't depend on government.

Some others, like Malta, have actually facilitated trade in cryptocurrency, even going so far as to hold blockchain and AI summits on a national level.

On to the ‘baddies', then, if you will. Countries that have outrightly banned cryptocurrencies include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Bolivia, Bangladesh, The Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu and Vietnam. Some others haven't actually banned it, but heavily restrict its use such as bank trading or even the use of only crypto exchanges. These include China, India, Ecuador, Indonesia, Morocco, Zambia, Nepal, Egypt, American Samoa and Qatar.

The reasons for this sceptical approach are various, but the biggest is probably related to fear and lack of knowledge. The majority of people don’t have the slightest clue what digital currency is all about, and how it works. When LendEDU conducted a poll, a student loan refinancing market, only 79% people were aware of Bitcoin and 32% people had heard of Ethereum, which is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Apart from that, 75% of people had no idea what they were being asked about.

Perhaps even more worryingly, LendEDU asked people if owing Bitcoin was illegal in the United States. And, while 41.6% of people answered correctly that is legal to own it, a whopping 10.7% were under the impression that it's illegal and 47.7% people were not sure. It shows that people lack a common understanding of cryptocurrencies, and we all know that a lack of understanding often breeds fear.


So we may not be expert traders on the traditional financial market, but if there's one thing that this list of fun facts about cryptocurrency proves, it's that if you're interested, you can do it. Cryptocurrency has favoured some of the most unlikely people in the decade or so that it's been around, and learning about how it can make your life fun and possibly earn you some money is not too difficult.

Go ahead, surf the web, spin some slots, mine some Bitcoin… chances are that you will love it and, if you follow the advice and tips we offer on our blog, and use a touch of common sense, you are unlikely to run into trouble.

And remember, if you do strike it rich – don't spend it all on pizza!


Ramona D

Ramona D

A writer and a dreamer, surfing the slots in search of strategy and serendipity.

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