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Ultimate Highest Payout Megaways™ with RTPs

The highest payout Megaways™ RTP slots are those with an RTP that’s over 96% – but what does high RTP really mean, and how does it affect how much you can win on the best Megaways™ casinos? Our experts explore all this below, and give us the definitive list of the highest paying Megaways™ slots out there.

Megaways™ RTP – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Whether you’re playing traditional video slots or Megaways™ slots, the term ‘RTP’ will crop up over and over again. That is because ‘RTP’, which stands for ‘Return to Player’, is an official and proven figure that tells you what percentage of your wagers you can expect to make back as you play.

In a nutshell, therefore, the closer the Megaways™’s RTP is to 100%, the more of your wagers the game will pay out. Of course, casinos need to make money to survive, so a game’s RTP can never be 100% – but it can come close, with the highest Megaways™ RTP going above 97% during normal gameplay, and above 98% during some special features. At this point, it’s also important to note that a game’s RTP is not determined by the casino, but by its makers, so you will always have the same chances of winning or losing no matter where you play.

Moreover, RTP is important because it tells you how often you can expect to win while playing a video slot, but do keep in mind that RTP is only one part of the gameplay. A player may still make a £/€0.50 bet and win £/€20 after just one spin of the wheel, or spend £/€200 on wagers over the course of a day and suffer a loss.

How Are The Best Megaways™ Slots RTP Calculated?

RTP is calculated differently for each casino game, and when it comes to video slots and Megaways™ RTP, the below formula is used:

[How Much A Player Makes Back] ÷ [How Much The Player Has Staked]

So, let us imagine that a person has staked £/€100 and made £/€95 back. In that case, you would divide the £/€95 by the £/€100, with the answer being 0.95. That figure can then be represented as a percentage, which in this case would be 95%.

What’s important to keep in mind, however, is that the RTP is usually calculated over a minimum of one million spins. So, in theory, the 95% is not representative of how much of your wagers you can make back per spin, but per one million spins or more. This is why, sometimes, you may wager small amounts and make a killer profit, or place larger stakes and lose practically all of it.

Megaways™ RTP vs Megaways™ Volatility

Another element that affects your winnings is a Megaways™ volatility, which some people confuse with RTP but is actually a completely different concept.

As we’ve explored above, RTP is how much of your wagers you can expect to make back, but volatility is how often you can expect to win over the course of 500 to 1,000 spins. In this case, the higher the volatility, the larger but less frequent your wins will be.

So, in other words:

  • a game that has low volatility will give you more frequent but smaller wins;
  • a game that has high volatility will give you less frequent but larger wins; and
  • a game that has medium volatility will give you something in between.

What this means in practical terms is that going for a medium-volatility slot with high RTP will give you better chances of winning – or, at least, of not making a huge loss.

News Update: MGA-Licensed Casinos & Changing RTP Thresholds

As we explored above, the highest RTP is usually the preserve of game developers – and it is still true that game developers do not make a game’s RTP easily changeable by the casinos. Nevertheless, game developers have to follow guidelines when programming their RTP, and there are thresholds that can’t be ignored. One such threshold was the one imposed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which ruled that casinos game’s RTP should be no lower than 92%.

In 2021, however, the MGA, following consultations with stake holders, lowered the minimum possible RTP to 85% for online casino games, bringing them in line with their land-based counterparts. What this means is that you may now start seeing casino games’ RTP – including Megaways™ RTP – be of 85% or higher, rather than 92% or higher.

Even so, we don’t believe that most makers will go too low with their RTPs, particularly as players are now more aware of what it means and how a lower RTP could change their chances of making a profit. Nevertheless, in countries where taxes on online slots are higher (like Germany), RTP may be lowered to make the games more competitive. We’ll update you on that as soon as we have more information in hand.

The 14 Highest RTP Megaways™ Slots in 2024

If you’re looking for a list of the top Megaways™ RTP slots out there, then you’ll be happy to discover that most games that run on the Big Time Gaming-developed mechanism have an RTP of 95% or over. Below, however, we have a list of the 15 Megaways™ slots with the highest RTP available, all you need to do is click on the slot name to go directly to the review and free play demo:

RankingGame NameNumber of waysRTPVolatilityProvider
White Rabbit Megaways™248,43297.72%HighBig Time Gaming
Buffalo Rising ALL ACTION Megaways™117,64997.01%HighBlueprint
Genie Jackpots Megaways™117,64996.52%HighBlueprint
Gorilla Gold Megaways™470,59697.00%Medium/HighBlueprint
Slots O'Gold Megaways™117,64996.96%MediumBlueprint
Slot Vegas Megaquads™ 16,777,21696.95%HighBig Time Gaming
Queen of Riches Megaways™117,64996.90%HighBig Time Gaming
8 Golden Skulls of Holly Roger™ Megaways™117,64996.86%HighMicrogaming
Primal Megaways™Up to 46,65696.76%HighBlueprint Gaming
King of Cats Megaways™117,64996.70%/96.72%HighBig Time Gaming
Diamond Mine ALL ACTION Megaways™117,64996.70%HighBlueprint
Rock the Reels Megaways™200,70496.70%HighIron Dog
Dwarven Gems Megaways™200,70496.70%HighIron Dog
Kingmaker Megaways™16,80796.65%Very HighBig Time Gaming

Discover White Rabbit Megaways™ – The Game With the Highest Megaways™ RTP!

Based on Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland, Big Time Gaming’s White Rabbit Megaways™ has the top Megaways™ RTP in the kingdom: a cool 97.24% during normal gameplay that goes up to 97.77% during the Bonus Buy feature.
The game is played across six reels that can each accommodate up to seven symbols. The latter come together to give you 16,807 Megaways™ to win during the basic game, and a glorious 248,832 Megaways™ to win during the free spins.

The game has a myriad of features that help you make killer wins including a scatter symbol that can award you up to 15 free spins, a wild symbol that replaces any other symbols on the grid bar the scatter, a Bonus Wild symbol that also acts as a multiplier, the Bonus Buy feature, and lots more.

The game has high volatility and a max win of 17,420x your stake. Moreover, White Rabbit Megaways™ can be taken for a spin from as little £/€0.10 per spin or as high as £/€20 per spin.

How Megaways™ Features Can Affect the RTP

As we discuss in our Megaways™ slots vs video slots article, games that run our favourite mechanic tend to have more features and that matters! See, the highest RTP Megaways™ slots have a whole array of bonus features, which can range from cascading reels and bonus rounds to wild symbols and Bonus Buy buttons. While all these features help you to potentially win, some features are so powerful that they can actually change the game’s RTP.

In King of Cats Megaways™, for example, this happens when you switch between the game’s two modes: the Puma Mode has an RTP of 96.70% and a potential max win of 1,070x your stake, while the Lion Mode has an RTP of 96.72% and a max win of 6,060x! Meanwhile, in games like Extra Chilli Megaways™, the RTP can fluctuate between 96.15% and 96.41% in the base game depending on the size of the bets you place, among other factors.

Yet, the one Megaways™ bonus feature that can truly rev up the RTP is the Bonus Buy feature, which basically allows you to buy into the free spins without waiting for the scatter symbols to line up. The price for Bonus Buy free spins is usually 100x your stake per spin (so £/€10 if you’re staking £/€0.10 per spin) – though prices may vary depending on the game and the maker.

We have a list of 10 Megaways™ with the highest RTPs when you opt for the Bonus Buy feature.

Megaways™ Return To Player Conclusion

RTP is an integral part of what makes players choose one game over another, and it’s not difficult to see why – along with theme, graphics, bonus features, and availability, a higher RTP helps make a game more fun and give you better chances of winning from time to time. Nevertheless, it’s always important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t chase losses, so if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t stake it!


The term ‘RTP’ stands for ‘return to player’ and is the percentage of your wagers you can expect to make back while playing a slot.

The higher a Megaways™’s RTP is, the more likely you are to, at the very least, win the vast majority of what you wagered.

In theory, you should always play video slots that have an RTP of 95%+. Nevertheless, those with lower RTPs can still be fun to play.

Standing at 97.24% during normal gameplay, White Rabbit Megaways™ by Big Time Gaming has the highest RTP for any Megaways™ slot. Nevertheless, iSoftBet‘s Morgana Megaways™’s RTP goes up to 98.06% during the Bonus Buy Feature.

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