The Best Casino Promo Codes for UK 2021

Casino bonus codes are promotions that players can take advantage of to get some free spins or extra funds to play slot games for free. If you’re unsure about whether you’ll like a slot or not, bonus codes are the best way to find out as you don’t have to fork out any money yourself. Simply insert the casino promo code into your casino account and you’re ready to have some fun!

The Best Free Spins Offers at UK Casinos

Dream Vegas
Up to £2500 Welcome Bonus
  • 200% up to £2500 and 50 free spins on your first deposit
  • 40% up to £3000 and 30 free spins on your second deposit
  • 60% up to £1500 and 40 free spins on your third deposit
* more terms & conditions apply
Jackpot Village
Up to £1,800 Welcome Bonus
  • 200% up to £500 and 50 free spins on your first deposit
  • 25% up to £800 and 25 free spins on your second deposit
  • 50% up to £500 and 20 free spins on your third deposit
* more terms & conditions apply
Majesty Slots
Up to £1,800 Welcome Bonus
  • 400% up to £800 and 50 free spins on your first deposit
  • 300% up to £600 and 40 free spins on your second deposit
  • 200% up to £400 and 30 free spins on your third deposit
* more terms & conditions apply

Everyone wants to find the best bonus deals on the market to try out the best real money slots for free – after all, who doesn't love a freebie? A casino promo code is a particular bonus that’s only available once you put in the bonus code, and they are a great way to entice players to try new slot games. The world of casino slots can certainly be a headache if you’re not familiar with its abundance, but casino promo codes help you gain the most of your casino experience.

What Can I Receive with a Bonus Code?

Casino promo codes will either credit free spins or bonus funds. Free spins do exactly what they say on the tin – you’ll receive a handful of spins to play without having to wager your own money. These are usually worth 0.10 to 0.20 pence a spin, but you can also find super spins which are worth a lot more per round. Free spins are the most popular offer you’ll find when looking for promo codes. You can usually only play your free spins on specific games, so they’re not as flexible but still fun to try!

Bonus funds are extra credit you will receive on your account which you can play on most slot games. They’re more versatile because you can choose where you would like to play your bonus, and the bet limit is a lot higher than with free spins, giving you more control. You’re more likely to find bonus funds as part of a deposit offer, whilst free spins are awarded as a no deposit bonus code.

Different Types of Bonus Codes

There are different types of bonus codes available depending on what kind of player you are. Whether you’re a new player or a veteran to casino games, you’ll always find something available for you.

No Deposit Promo Codes

It may be surprising to know that casino no deposit bonus codes are frequently available. Casinos are trying to entice new players to sign-up to their website and try out their selection of games by offering no deposit free spins. These are the bonus codes most players are trying to look out for, as everyone wants a free reward and the chance to win without gambling any money.

No deposit bonus codes will usually award you with some free spins to play on a casino’s most popular slot game. You’ll find many famous names including Book of Dead and Narcos, to name just a few. These are the slots games everyone is raging about, so if you have a chance to try these out for free, grab the offer whilst you can and see what all the fuss is about. In rare instances, you may even find no deposit bonus funds to attract more new players to sign-up.

These no deposit casino promo codes are available to new players and existing customers alike. Whilst they are more common for new players, existing customers will still be able to find no deposit promo codes.

Casino Promo Codes for New Players

There are plenty of casino promo codes for new players, allowing you to enjoy the most exciting slot games. Casinos are notorious for giving out generous welcome promotions to new players, so you have extra funds to get a feel of the casino’s selection. Whilst you will find loads of no deposit bonus codes for new players, your choice of offers enhances even more once you make your first deposit.

You’ll find many welcome bonus promo codes with some exceptional offers, including a 100% deposit match and a bunch of free spins to play. Players are eligible for a welcome offer if they’ve never signed up to the casino before and use the special promo code when depositing for the first time. Your bonus funds will release once you wager your full deposit, so you’ll then have some free money to play with, giving you a second chance to win.

There’s no need to panic if, for whatever reason, you may have entered the wrong code or completely forgot to insert the code completely. Casinos are usually very accommodating to new players because they want to make you happy. Get in touch with customer support if anything goes wrong, and they’ll be able to help you out. But, be careful not to make this mistake regularly as most online casinos are only willing to reimburse you once.

Casino Promo Codes for Existing Players

Casinos want to find a way to make all their players happy, not just their new ones. Players can easily switch to a different casino if they believe their loyalty is not being rewarded. For this reason, casinos must provide casino promo codes for existing players too.

You can find these bonus codes available in the form of reload bonuses, site-wide promotions and tailored offers delivered to each individual player. Reload bonuses will match your deposit by a certain percentage when you add extra funds to your account, but you may have to remember to add a promo code when you come to pay. Casinos update their promotions page regularly with the newest bonus codes to date. The most promising time to check is during special events, such as Christmas or Easter. Online casinos will hold marketing campaigns providing personalised offers to their most valuable players, so always keep an eye on your inbox.

The promotions page is also worth checking frequently, especially when the casino is announcing a huge, new game. Bonus codes are prevalent when a brand-new, popular game announces. You may be able to bag a couple of free spins to try the latest game without any cost to you. This is always a terrific way to find out whether you want to actually spend your cash on the newest slots.

Where Can You Find Bonus Codes for UK?

There’s no one rule when it comes to finding bonus codes, as they’re available in quite a few different locations. Bonus codes are certainly far from uncommon, which is why there are so many ways you can retrieve one for yourself. You’re already looking at one of the places you can find some of the most superb bonus codes. We’ve not only created this guide to help you find out more about bonus codes, but we’re also including some excellent promo codes for you to try out. You’ll find a table of some brilliant bonus codes at superior online casinos at the very start of this page. Have a look at what strikes your fancy and start playing some first-class slot games today without spending a single penny.

Another place which always guarantees a promo code or two is the casino’s very own promotions age. Online casinos are constantly delivering offers to retain their customers, so you’ll find that these pages are updated very regularly. Some casinos may even offer the same weekly and monthly reload bonuses, which means you’ll always get a little bit extra to play with each time you deposit. Always remember to type the special promo code when you deposit, or you may risk losing out on a tremendous bonus.

Nobody enjoys having their e-mail inboxes inundated with marketing material and advertisements, but many casinos deliver their best promotions via e-mail or SMS. Before clicking the unsubscribe button when signing-up, give it a second thought as you will be missing out on some fantastic offers if you do so. Casinos often send out tailored offers through these communications; therefore, you could be missing out on special personalised offers. It’s always best to check your inbox (especially your spam folder) regularly, otherwise you might end up making a deposit for an offer that no longer exists.

One place where you may not have even thought about checking for bonus codes is customer support. You could be lucky enough to score yourself a promo code by getting in touch with your casino’s customer service team. The best way to get a hold of an agent is through live chat, which most casinos now utilise. Agents may be authorised to issue a promo code to customers who reach out to them. However, not all casinos will have this policy, so be mindful that it may not be possible to receive a bonus via customer support.


How Do You Use Bonus Codes?

There are no complicated measures when it comes to claiming your bonus using a promo code. The process is relatively straightforward and requires very little time and effort. There are two different ways you can claim your bonus: one involves inserting a special code to unlock your bonus, and the other involves simply clicking a link to activate the bonus. The process depends on which casino you choose, as they all have different rules.

If the bonus has a promo code:

  1. Sign-up to the online casino.
  2. If it’s your first time registering and you’re claiming a no deposit bonus, enter the promo code in the registration form.
  3. If you’re depositing to activate a bonus, insert the promo code in the payments page.
  4. Your bonus will activate once you correctly enter your promo code and you’re ready to play your free spins or bonus funds.

Otherwise, if you cannot spot a bonus code, it may be because the bonus activates by clicking a certain link. Upon registering to a casino, make sure that you sign up through the affiliate link, so your no deposit bonus activates in your account. If the bonus requires a deposit, always make sure you opt in by clicking on the relevant link to activate your bonus. If you’re ever unsure about claiming a bonus, get in touch with customer support so they’ll be able to help you.

Avoiding Mistakes When Claiming Your Casino Promo Code

When claiming your no deposit bonus code, it’s better to take things slowly as to avoid making any mistakes, which could cost you free spins. One of the most common mistakes people make is typing out the wrong bonus code. You can easily avoid this by copy and pasting the code directly, and double-checking you enter the correct code.

Sometimes, players get so excited when claiming a deposit bonus code that they simply forget to enter the promo code when processing their payment. Try to avoid doing this. Remember, if there’s a promotion, there’s always an extra step to follow when depositing to activate your bonus. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, get in touch with customer support to help you out. They’ll usually still award you with your bonus if you’re a first-time customer.

Yet another common mistake is trying to claim a promo code that has already expired. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do in these circumstances and it’s very rare for customer support to honour a bonus if it’s expired. Always read the terms and conditions before signing up, as this is where you’ll find the expiration date for all bonus codes.


Conditions for Using Bonus Codes

As the saying goes: you don't get something for nothing. Whilst casino promo codes with no deposit are free, there are a few conditions that come with them. This usually falls down to certain eligibility requirements you need to meet. As each casino promo code is different, read the terms and conditions each time. However, you’ll usually find that the conditions delve into similar eligibility requirements, but the specifics vary for each promotion.

Wagering Requirements

It’s very hard to find a bonus code without any wagering requirements. To put it simply, you have to wager your bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. Most casinos have a wagering requirement of around 30x to 40x; others may require a greater amount, while you may even find others for less. All no deposit bonus codes for new players will come with wagering requirements, the same as other standard bonus promotions. To take an example, your no deposit promo code entitles you to 20 free spins worth a total of 0.20 pence each. If your free spins have a 30x wagering requirement, you will need to wager a total of £120 before you can withdraw any of your winnings.

Wagering requirements are definitely the catch to free bonus money, but that doesn’t mean you cannot win. You will always find the wagering requirements in the terms and conditions, and many casinos will also inform you about their wagering progress under your account settings. If you’re unsure or struggling to find this information, contact customer support who’ll be able to help you find all the details you need.

Maximum One No Deposit Bonus Per Person

You can usually claim a bonus once, and only once. Typically, the only bonuses you can claim more than once are weekly or monthly reload bonuses. Casinos will always state under their terms and conditions that no deposit promo codes can only be claimed once per player. A word of warning: it's not worth creating a different account just to claim the same offer twice. This will be a breach of terms and conditions, which could risk getting all your accounts blocked. Instead, check back regularly to see if your casino releases any new offers which you can claim. Casinos are consistently releasing brand-new promo codes, so keep updating yourself to ensure you’ll never miss out on an incredible deal.

Maximum Bet

If you use your real funds to play a slot game, you can wager however much you wish, even the max bet available. However, casinos place a limit on how much of your bonus you’re allowed to wager per spin, which usually falls around £5.00 per spin. If you’re a player that loves to place large bets, it’s understandable that bonus codes may not be for you. However, if you’re someone that does like to place high bets but feel unsure about whether you will enjoy a slot game or not, then trying it out with some bonus funds is a great way to find out. Whilst bonus codes do have their drawbacks because of these conditions, their main aim is to give players a chance to try out the games for free. It’s always better to try before you buy.

Maximum Withdrawal

You may be super lucky to win, but it’s important to note that no deposit bonus codes come with a maximum withdrawal condition. Once again, this varies from casino to casino, but you may find yourself in a situation where you win £400 from a no deposit code but you are only able to withdraw £200, even after meeting the wagering requirements. Deposit bonus codes are different and usually don’t have these requirements, but you may come across a casino that may set these types of conditions.

Time Restrictions

This is one of the conditions that is not going to bother too many players. Most of the time, once you get your hands on an exciting bonus code you’re not going to want to wait long to play it. However, don’t activate your promo code and forget about it because the chances are it’ll be gone the next time you log back into your account. Bonuses usually have a window of 7 days during which you can play them. After that, your bonus will expire, and you won’t be able to retrieve any unclaimed free spins or funds. Play your bonus from your promo code as soon as it activates so as not to risk forgetting about it.


Finding the Best Casino Bonus that Suits You

There are so many promo codes available on the market that it can be hard to choose what suits you best. If you’re a new player and don’t want to deposit any money, free spins will be the best option for you. The best casinos will offer 50 free spins to entice new players, but it’s also very reasonable to find 20 free spins to play. Any less than this, and it’s usually not worth the hassle. Free spins apply to specific games, so you’ll want to make sure you’re trying out the best games available. NetEnt remains one of the most reputable game developers out there and you’ll find that many casinos offer free spins on their games. These slots include the famous Book of Dead, Dead or Alive 2, and Starburst as well as many of their newer titles.

Free spins are perfect if you’re a new player wanting to try some casino slots, or if you’re an existing player who wants to try a brand-new game for free. However, promo codes offering bonus funds remain the superior bonus of the two, because they give you more freedom. Casino promo codes are not just for new players as existing players will be able to benefit too. It boils down to each individual’s preference at the end of the day, but you’re in luck because there’s a wealth of bonus codes to choose from. There’s no reason to put yourself in a box because you can always enjoy both!


🔍  Where can I find bonus codes? 🔍

You can find bonus codes in plenty of places. The first place to look is this very page because we have a list of many bonus codes for you to try out. Another great place to look is your casino’s very own promotion page which regularly updates its bonus offers. Be sure to sign up to communications to always get the latest offers straight to your inbox.

🤑 What types of bonuses can you get with a promo code? 🤑

The most common bonus promo code you’ll find is free spins to play on some fantastic slot games. Bonus funds are another popular promo code for new players and existing players alike. You may even find promo codes offering both free spins and bonus funds, treating you to the best of both worlds.

🎰 Can you claim more than one no deposit bonus? 🎰

You can only claim one no deposit bonus per player. Creating multiple accounts will still prevent you from claiming more no deposit bonus codes as casino systems will recognise your details.

📱 Can I use my bonus on my mobile? 📱

You can play your bonus on operators that offer mobile online casinos. These are the best casinos because this means you can play your favourite slot games when you’re on the go.

🏆 Can I use my bonus code on all games? 🏆

Free spins usually only release on certain games. Bonus funds are not as restrictive, but there still may be a limited amount of games you cannot play with your bonus. Your casino will state which games cannot be wagered with bonus funds on their terms and conditions.

💡 What do I do if I’ve entered the wrong bonus code? 💡

If you’ve entered the wrong bonus code, your best bet is to contact customer support. In some circumstances, they’ll be able to credit your account with your bonus manually.


Bonus codes are a bit like changing rooms when you’re out shopping. They’re perfect to try out some games for free before wagering your real hard-earned cash. Yet, the best thing is you always have a chance of winning! If you’re new to the casino world, you’ll definitely want to get start by activating a no deposit promo code to get a feel of the experience. Existing customers will also benefit from casino promo codes so they can continue enjoying their favourite casino games and have a second shot at winning! Ultimately, it all boils down to finding the greatest online casino for you.


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Yana Walker

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