Horizons Casino, Leicester Square, London

  • Address: Queens House, 1 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7RN
  • Close to: Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus Tube Statio Tube
  • Website: Official Website
  • Phone: +44 (0) 20 7494 3126

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Brand new in the heart of the West End, Horizons is hoping to make its mark on Leicester Square’s already privileged nightlife offering. It hosts a range of table games, slots and dining options to cater to all tastes.

If London lore is to be believed, the archetypical Saturday evening about town always begins in Leicester Square. Brand new venue Horizons Casino, inaugurated in July 2018, should see that tradition long continue.

The Horizons Casino operation is run from the prestigious Queens House address, which for the 25 years previous played host to Napoleons Casino, the West End’s original betting house. Users, tipplers and diners alike will be familiar with the site, and Horizons has a reputation to upkeep.

At the time of writing, Horizons is a membership only club, but plans for an open-door policy are underway. The casino aims for a welcoming environment, and while patrons may dress up for a fun night out, there is no strict dress code.

Gaming Options

Horizons caters to all levels of player and stakes. Novice gamblers may set their trepidation aside when approaching a game for the first time – the house dealers will give a helping hand to set the ball rolling. Chips are bought at the table for use at that table, so you can take a seat with cash in hand and get straight into the action.

You can try your luck against the house in a range of traditional casino games. Baccarat, American Roulette, Blackjack and Three Card Poker are all on offer at a range of stakes. Experienced players and high-rollers alike can up the ante and raise the tension in high-stakes, Macau-style Baccarat Squeeze Games hosted in Horizons’ private room.

For those cold, calculating, number-crunching players who prefer their game to play out away from the frenzied crowds, Horizons offers Electronic Touch Bet Roulette games. Here, a live roulette wheel is spun, and bets are placed on private terminals. Winners take their ticket to the cash desk and are given their deserved earnings.

For players looking to strike gold on any given evening, Horizons offers Blackjack and Three Card Poker jackpots. These are high hand jackpots awarded for rare combinations of cards. They frequently run up to five figure sums, and Horizons posts updates on growing jackpots and fortuitous winners across its social media channels.

Table games are not all that is on offer. Jackpot-driven gamers looking for variety can try their hand at several different games available on Horizons’ Crystal Duo and Dominator slot machines.

Food & Drink

Once more, all tastes are catered to and at all hours. There are different menus and options to satisfy all tastes and appetites. Gamers looking for a quick bite between bets can order a bar snack accompanied with a glass of wine or beer for just £5 – a steal in central London.

In Horizons, dinner is served between 5:30pm and 11pm. Their Dinner Menu offers red and white meat, fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes followed by desert. The Oriental Menu is a great alternative, with three courses inspired by Chinese, Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine. Those craving a meaty feast will no doubt be satiated by the From the Grill menu. All three menu options cost £20 a head.

A quick glance at the Horizons Twitter feed would tell you that their cocktail options are not to be sniffed at. It emphasizes that the bar is friendly and relaxed, and their skilled bar staff will mix up a range of cocktails to spice up any evening at the tables.

Events & Offers

Horizons hosts its own regular events both at the bar and at the tables. You can kick off the week with a post-work Happy Hour half-price cocktail. Roll on Wednesday, where from 5pm to midnight, it’s Gin Night. Fizzy Fridays round off the work week with a bottle of prosecco to share between your group for just £9.95. For a classy weekend evening, Steaks and Slots Saturdays offers a meal for two and a gaming ticket for £25.

Several one-off gaming events have been arranged too.  On Chinese Valentine’s Day, gamers added to their winnings with a lucky dip. The following Friday, Horizons hosted their inaugural roulette tournament with a £1000 first prize. Expect many more to follow, with regular postings on Facebook and Twitter advertising upcoming events.

Private events can also be organized – give Horizons a call to see what they can do for you.


High-rollers have access to Horizons’ private rooms, where their tastes and desires are catered to while they flip the cards in Baccarat in luxury.

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