Why All Live Casino Croupiers are Good Looking

Live Casino CroupierThere is no denying the fact that online casinos have brought a revolution in the gambling industry but it came with a fundamental drawback.

Online gambling has taken the human element away from the casino completely. Now the way to get rid of this drawback is live dealer casino gambling.

The best thing is that players can now gamble online from the comforts of their own house. One can interact with real dealers and view live footage and talk to them through the live chat feature.

Live Dealer Casinos provides complete access to real people dealing the cards or spinning the wheel at the studio of the casino dealer. In all players get the same experience and exposure like in a land-based casino. All the excitement and action is recorded on HD camera and the video is live streamed to players across the internet.

If you intend to plat at any live dealer casinos, you will have access to a wide range of different games. You will find all the land-based casino games over here like for instance Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker etc.

In a live dealer casino, all the games are run and operated by attractive live dealers. These dealers would not only chat with you but they do all the work similar to the land-based casinos. Like for instance clearing the table once the game is completed, distributing the winning amount, card dealings and collecting wagers.

In this article, we are going to discuss why attractive looking people are hired by live dealer casinos. Are looks enough to secure a job as a live dealer or is it just a myth? We will also discuss some of the popular live dealers at casinos across the world.

Why Are Only Good Looking People Hired as Live Croupiers?

One can experience a lot of fun and enjoyment while playing at live dealer casinos. The thrill and excitement are totally unlimited. One can get the best gaming experience all thanks to great graphics and sound effects.

It is due to the casino being broadcasted directly from the land-based casino that has partnered with. One of the different ways to give the best experience to players is by having good looking dealers running the show.

There is always an element of risk involved when you have wagered a lot of money with the hope of winning. There is always a chance to lose and this, in turn, can increase the anxiety and stress level to a great extent. The only way to fix this problem is by talking to a dealer who is good looking and have knowledge about casino games.

Conversing with them will help you relieve the stress and make you calm and composed. You will be able to settle down quickly and be in a comfortable position.

For casinos, the attractive and good looking live dealers are the best bet – there are some casinos where male live dealers are available but the majority of them are females. Hence players are able to settle down faster and would be in a comfortable position to play.

It is important because when you are in a comfortable position to play, it is likely that you would come back time and again. The important thing is that more you engage yourself in a good talk with the beautiful live dealers, you would be in a better position to play and win.

Most of the people who play at the live casino dealers are young people and they would definitely look forward to having a conversation with a pretty girl.

Another very important reason to play over here is that the live dealer casinos offer quick money for young lads and gals who want to pay for their daily expenses or tuition fees. It is not a difficult job and you would get the much-needed security.

Also, you would not be sitting with any stranger but with young dealers who are always one step ahead to calm and comfort you. Also, these types of casinos are very particular about players’ behaviour with staff members and this gives an additional layer of security to you.

Is Good Look Enough to Become a Live Casino Dealer?

It is important to note that majority of the casino live dealers are pretty and good looking. So, the biggest question that rises that being beautiful alone can help one get this job. When you visit any live casino dealer, you will find that the girl who is dealing the cards is gorgeous and she is well acquainted with the ins and outs of the game.

Handsome Croupier

So, looks alone are not important. It is imperative that you have complete knowledge of the game as well. Also, you must have an attractive personality with good communication skills. You need to be pleasant in your talks and be of friendly nature.

These days a number of institutes and online courses available for people who are interested to become a live casino dealer. The training will help you acquaint with the different aspects of the game and dealing with the players. Like for example, you will get to know about the different casino games right from rules to betting and wager.

In fact, you will have to practice playing games to gain thorough knowledge. By the time you become a live casino dealer, you would have plenty of experience playing the game with dexterity. When you add a few looks and personality, everything becomes magical for everyone.

Live casino dealers are extremely popular and they have a very big fan base all around the world. The live dealer casinos can help you mark your favourite dealers. You can find your choice of dealer and commence playing with full confidence and comfort. This is a win-win situation for you because the anxiety level is less and you are able to concentrate on your game with maximum efficiency.

Three of the Most Popular Live Casino Dealers

When you get online, you will find there is no paucity of live casino dealers on the internet. Most of the top rated casino software providers have live dealer casino apart from providing standard online and mobile casinos. In fact, there are casino software providers like Evolution Gaming and Ezugi that are completely dedicated to “Live-Dealer” casino gaming.

Below are the top 3 rated live casino dealers that you must know if you are interested in online gambling.

    Darya: She is one of the biggest names whenever we talk about online live dealer casino dealers. She sits at the blackjack table and is very popular for her vibrant personality and good looks. At the same time, she is soft spoken, very friendly and has great knowledge about the casino games.

    Kristiana: Her magnetic personality is something that will make you crave for playing more and more. She is also a part of casino software provider Playtech operating in Riga, Lativa. She will greet you with a big smile that you will never forget. She possesses very good knowledge of the online casino games and keeps good track of all her players.

    Tanya: She is another very popular live casino dealer that you should know. She is a part of the team operating for live dealer casino of Playtech in Riga, Lativa. Her flaming red hair and vibrant personality will certainly take away your breath. She knows her game thoroughly and is very popular at several live dealer player forums. Her cute smile and high-efficiency level make her the favourite of many casino players.

Playboy Bunny Croupiers” of Microgaming

Playboy Bunny Dealers are one of the most popular live casino dealers and they operate the Playboy live dealer games from Microgaming. Some of the games available to play are baccarat, roulette and blackjack. The dealer wears bunny outfits which looks quite sexy and appealing.

Microgaming and Playboy Website Promo

At the same time, they are expert in casino games and can help you beat the stress by engaging in a pleasant conversation. They are so popular that you will have to wait in queue before your number comes to play.

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