Where to Play at Online Casinos for Best Gambling Experience


Where to Play at Online CasinosOne of the biggest challenges for gamblers is to find an ideal site to play their favourite casino games. It is not an easy selection because when you get online, you will come across hundreds of websites offering the best gaming exposure to the players.

Out of the several hundred, only handfuls are good, and most of them are either average or bad regarding games and customer support.

Most of the casino websites answer this question about the best gambling services with generic fluff like they have the best casino games with myriad banking options and impressive bonus features.

These features are essential for online gambling, and there is no doubt about it. But most of such things apart from making sure that the casino site is legit and reliable – does not matter to us.

What’s important to us is the casino games because it is the main reason you are at the online casino site. It is solely for playing a game that you register at the online gambling site and other gambling features come next.

And this very thing complicates the matter for the players. It is so because most of the casinos offer a similar section, but when you delve deeper and compare two similar games, you will find they are entirely different. And this can undoubtedly impact where you wish to play.

In this post, we want to take a couple of valuable minutes in explaining you two of the important factors to consider while playing the favourite games at the online casinos. Check it out below and thank us later.

1. The Biggest Factor in Software

Apart from the essentials like trustworthiness and security, software is regarded as the most significant factor. It has a profound impact on casino gaming, and it is something that you cannot afford to overlook at the online casinos. Here are some examples we want to show you what we mean.

Overall Number of Games

Gambling at one casino over another one can mean the difference between playing across 100 or even 1000 casino games.

Not only this, if you are an avid Blackjack player, you can see the difference of choices you get by playing 20 different variants with Microgaming software and 5 different options with Realtime Gaming.

And this factor applies to most of the casino games especially in those games that come with different variations like Video Poker, Blackjack and Slots.

Game Variation Type

If you like playing video poker or blackjack, you would definitely look for variations so that you find it monotonous playing the same game type. But there is little more to the variants.

There is a difference between having unique variations by gaming software companies available exclusives at certain casinos. Like for example, iSlot Series is only available at Rival Gaming powered casinos and Poker3 at BetSoft powered casinos. You would not find these games from other software providers.

Licensed Games

One of the good things about playing at the Las Vegas casinos is that you get access to the licensed slot titles. Some of the games worth playing are Monopoly, Life, Willy Wonka, Wizard of Oz and Dark Knight. But these titles are unfortunately not available at many online casino sites.

It is so because the software firms that develop slots are permitted to create casino games around trademark properties. It includes board games, video games, movies, celebrities, comic books, characters and many others.

The big software giants in the online casino realm – Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have such licenses to develop games. Most of the reputed online casino sites have games powered by these software providers.

But do you know about casinos that don’t use their software? Any online casino which is offshore based that accept players from the United States. These casino create their own slot games by emulating the popular titles without infringing the software rights and trademark license.

The only exception to the case is if you play from a regulated state in the USA like Delaware, New Jersey or Nevada. Here gambling has been regulated, and you must check out our post on Top 10 Online Casinos in New Jersey.

Winning Payouts

It is another critical factor, and it matters a lot especially when you play table games. Different software providers have their own set of rules like when you double down or split in a game of Blackjack.

The payout ratio is also different where some can pay you in the ratio of 6:5 while some in the ratio of 3:2. It really creates a massive difference in the final amount you receive after winning a game round.

These are some of the examples you will get to know from the casino gaming software companies. You will be able to get a complete grasp when you play the same game from multiple software companies where the difference can be between night and day.

And you would be able to do it quickly. It is so because most of the online casinos offer games from three or more software companies. So you will get the variety regarding gaming titles under one roof and don’t have to search across multiple casino sites.

2. Second Biggest Factor is Promotions

Though a distance second factor it is an essential criterion while choosing to play at the online casinos. Let us be very clear and precise to you regarding software that it matters a lot for playing games and should not be ignored. You will lose money at some points and win at others but what matter is you will be enjoying when you play the game.

The promotions do matter for online gambling because when you register at a casino site, you will earn a special bonus and other VIP promotions that can be extremely handy to increase the bankroll. Here is why you need to know.

There are few casinos games that get the short end of the stick and are usually the ones with lowest house edge like baccarat, blackjack and pai gow poker. It also applies to specific gameplay like betting on black or red or even odd or even.

In such cases, casino sites either remove these games or handicap them. Handicap means that overall wagering is less worthy as compared to other games. For blackjack and video poker, casinos generally handicap the game by 50% or 75%. It means that you will have to wager 2-4 times more to earn the same points playing blackjack as you would do with slots.

It is not a bad thing overall but playing such games would either make you win more money or break even. The extra money you receive at the end of the game is the icing on the cake.

These are some essential things that you must keep in mind while looking across the casino games and compare the perks and promotions across multiple casino sites.


Choosing where to play at the online casinos is more than just finding the best casino games, with excellent special promotions, preferred banking options or software developer companies.

But don’t forget the casino games when you compare the factor mentioned above because it is the games for which you are at the online gambling site.

Take some amount of time and be diligent enough to weed out the casinos based on software provider first and then promotions later on based on what we discussed above. In this way, you will have no problems whatsoever finding an ideal casino site where you can play your favourite games and get unlimited entertainment in return.

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