VSBLTY Pilot Program Aimed to Focus on Player Security

vsblty pilot programVSBLTY, the reputed Retail and Software Company, has launched a multi-phase pilot program at the Gun Lake Casino in Michigan.

This pilot program made use of every aspect of the technology and aimed to revolutionise the gaming experience of the players.

At the same time, the technology is focused on providing an optimum level of security at the gaming venues through groundbreaking software technology and analytical devices.

Player Engagement & Safety Environment

The primary objective of the new technology integrated with the Gun Lake Casino is to provide an enthralling experience to the players; making them more engaged at the venue. The technology will also help in to create a safer environment and minimise the risk factors on the casino floor.

VSBLTY integrates several products in the pilot program including the proactive digital displays that makes use of 3 software programs created by VSBLTY Vector, VisionCaptor and DataCaptor. Every single software program uses a sophisticated algorithm in the form of facial analysis to gather the information.

The facial recognition system uses different types of information including measurement like for instance gender, age, time spent on the gaming floor and sentiments. All the analysis takes place in real time, and the software is capable of evaluating even a large group of people or when the crowd is in motion.

Jay Hutton, the Chief Executive Officer of VSBLTY, while talking to the media says:

This software is designed to not only enhance the guest experience but to create a virtual perimeter around the casino floor to analyse player behaviours, further gamify player engagement, all while augmenting security operations to make Gun Lake even safer.

The VSBLTY Vector Program uses state of the art technology to protect its players further. It can quickly identify the assault weapons and similar objects. Once it detects such suspicious items, the security feature is activated which in turn deters any criminal activity in the venue.

Player Retention

The latest software program from VSBLTY will not only offer the security feature to its guests but will try to retain its players as well. With the help of VisionCaptor, customised messages are created by the casino operator which is then displayed on the board. The content can be viewed by the player concerned in real time scenario.

Shortly, VSBLTY is looking forward to releasing an augmented reality game that will require the participation of several guest players. This, in turn, will increase the visit frequency where the smartphones will be used as gaming consoles. People can visit the property and indulge themselves in a scavenger hunt to earn attractive prizes just by walking around the gaming avenue gathering the markers specially designed for the game.

The latest technology is indeed the wave of the future, and it entirely depends on how well it is received and performance at the Gun Lake Casino. It will be interesting to view the results once the VSBLTY Pilot Program is completed and whether the programs are integrated entirely in the venue.

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