Top 10 US Casinos with Best Match Bonus for 2019

best Match Bonus casinosWhen you sign up and register at one of the safest and reliable online casino sites, showcased in the top list below, you can take home some of the most generous match bonus at US casinos. The first deposit you make in your gaming account will be matched by the casino. It means that you will get free money upon account registration.

What is a Match Bonus?

It is a very common bonus package offered by the US casinos to its players. You can avail the bonus as soon as you sign up and register with the online casino site. The working of this bonus plan is based on the fact that casinos allow the players to deposit money into their account and the amount is then matched by the casinos by a certain percentage.

List of Top 10 US Casino Sites for 2019


30 Freespins


100% up to $1,000


100% up to $3,000


%200 up to $1,000
100 Free Spins


100% up to $1,000
20 freespins


$500 welcomes bonuses
175 bonus spins


100% up to $5000


200% welcomesbonus
25 freespins


$2,500 Welcome Bonus
100 Free Spins


$8,888 Welcome Bonus


200% up to $2,000
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%100 up to $500
50%-70% Cash Back Bonus


$333 in Welcome Bonuses


$5,500 in Welcome Bonuses


%1000 up to $4,000
Get $100 Free Chip


400% up to $15,000
Get $15 Free Chip


100% up to $5,000
$25 Mobile Bonus


Match Bonus versus No Deposit Bonus

Although the No Deposit Bonus is quite popular amongst players because it gives them the facility to play their favourite games without using their own money. This bonus feature is ideal for people who want to gamble online and are short on cash. However, it is quite risky for the online casinos from a financial point of view.

A large number of players register at multiple casinos on the internet just for the sake of utilising the no deposit bonus, use the free cash money and don’t return on the site because they are busy chasing more free money. It leaves the casinos in a quandary and in bad taste.

Although it is still available, it comes with a few more restrictions attached to them. Like for instance, you will be able to cash out the winning from no deposit bonus after making an initial deposit or meeting some wagering requirements.

The working of the no deposit bonus is based on the fact that you sign up at the online casinos, select the no deposit bonus offer and start playing your favourite games before making any deposit. It is an exciting strategy implemented by the casinos to entice players who want to test waters before investing with their hard earned money.

These days, players abuse this form of the system a lot and the no deposit bonus is a little bit on the lower side as compared to the match bonus. Also, one has to meet several eligibility criteria, and overall terms and conditions are quite strict.

The match bonus offered at the US casinos is quite popular. Although casinos give money to players in this particular bonus package but the overall risks involved is on the lower side because the players have to make an initial deposit and continue playing at the casino site for a long time.

Does Match Bonus Mean Free Money?

This is a very common question many players have in their mind while playing at the US-based casinos. We would like to inform you that match bonus does mean free money that is given to the player at the time of account registration. It is one of the many benefits that you would not find playing at the brick and mortar based casinos.

Also, there are whatsoever no strings attached to the bonus. You get what you see. Just make your own deposit through your chosen banking method, and you will receive the free reward soon. It is indeed a minimal price you pay considering the amount of free money you could win for playing several hours of your favourite casino games.

How Does a Match Bonus Work?

First of all, we recommend going through our top list and choosing your favourite casino site. You will find different match bonus at the US Casinos that come with different requirements.

We recommend taking your time and selecting the one based on your overall budget, playing needs and ease of use. Once you have registered at your chosen casino site and entered all the personal details, use the match bonus code. You could use the bonus code only once.

After choosing your favourite casino site and match bonus, select the game you want to play. Just make sure that the match bonus applies to the game you intend to play because the bonus package is not applicable to some games. After that, make your first deposit in the game account through different payment methods. You can check out our post on the Best Casino Deposit Methods for Online Payment.

It is essential that you read the terms and conditions correctly before availing the match bonus at the US-based casinos. It will help you understand the requirements before making the deposit. Also, the requirements do change from time to time, and offer varies from one casino to another. So do proper research beforehand and check what exactly you are signing up for.

Choose the Best Match Bonus at US Casinos

Many people ask about the best match bonus for playing at the US Casinos. Well, to be frank, it depends on many different factors and the most important one is the budget. Higher is the amount deposited by you, more significant is the benefits you receive in return.

Our featured top casinos are incredibly generous with the best match bonus and other trustworthy offers for players. Just select the right bonus based on your gaming requirements and financial needs. If you like to play several casino games, we recommend using the match bonus with the highest available reward and making a high deposit.

Different Types of Match Bonuses at US Casinos

US Casinos offer different types of match bonuses to players, and it could be 20%, 50%, 100%, 150%, 200% or 400% of your first initial deposit. There are certain limitations you need to look out for in context to the online casino site you intend to play. The low percentage match bonuses are always more in number as compared to the high ones.

Here is a brief example of a match bonus to clear things for you:

  • If you deposit $25, the casino will give you $5 for free, then you will be playing with $30 in your game account
  • If you deposit $50, the casino will provide you with $10 for free, then you will be playing with $60 in your game account
  • If you deposit $100, the casino will give you $20 for free, then you will be playing with $120 in your game account
  • If you deposit $200, the casino will provide you with $50 for free, then you will be playing with $250 in your game account
  • If you deposit $500, the casino will give you $100 for free, then you will be playing with $600 in your game account

Find the Best Match Bonus for a Lucrative Gaming Session

You should know that US Casinos don’t offer a lot of limitations on the match bonus. You will get value in return for the services and features you expect from the casinos. With so many casinos on the internet, it is quite confusing where to play. But now you need not have to worry because we bring you the Top 10 Best Match Bonus US Casinos for ultimate gambling needs.

By browsing through our list of casinos, you can avail the best bonus and access to a plethora of games. There are no scams and secret limitations but unlimited fun and entertainment. Register today and get ready for an immersive gambling experience online.