Slot Glossary: Terms Lingo and Definitions You Should Know

slot termsSlot machines have become highly sophisticated and innovative concerning overall design features, and its smooth user interface makes it extremely easy to handle by the non-tech savvy people. There is little or no learning curve, and one can quickly learn the basics of the gameplay and start competing with the machine in just a couple of gaming rounds.

Having said that, if you are a serious and dedicated slot player and don’t want to be an ignoramus about the ins and outs of the game, then it is imperative that you be aware of the basic terms and other jargons associated with the slot game. There are many commonly used slot terms that you should know if you want to become an expert playing this particular casino game.

Knowing the right casino terms can go a long way in benefitting you and help you succeed as a serious gambler. When you are aware of the slot glossary, you would be able to understand and comprehend bonus, terms and regulations, gaming strategies and many others. It can help you in pocketing a nice amount of cash just by playing your favourite slot games.

In this particular post today, our primary objective is to lay before you some of the essential slot definitions and terms briefly and concisely. So without doing anything further, let us talk about some of the standard slot jargons and vocabulary you must know.

Slot Dictionary: Terms and Lingo

  • Action: It refers to the slot machine playing time accumulated by the particular gambler over one sitting or a particular period. The info is kept track of the player's slot club offered by the majority of casinos.
  • Annuity Winner: Few slot machine jackpots are provided to the players in a set of few instalments throughout the year. If you want to take the winning amount in one lump sum, you will have to pay a certain amount of tax.
  • Auto Spin: As the name suggests, the slot machine will do the automated spinning for you. The player needs to set the betting per spin and the number of spins they want to trigger.
  • Basic Slots: Also know as straight slots, these are the machines with a single payline and a static jackpot. Static jackpot means the amount will remain constant and does not change like the progressive jackpots.
  • Bet Max: It is the number of credits on a given slot machine that a casino player can wager per spin. It refers to as a button on the slot machine that can help players to place maximum credits per spin. Generally, the highest payout amount is calculated for the maximum betting spins.
  • Bet One: It means placing only one bet per spin on a given slot machine.
  • Betting Units: Units placed for wagering by the players. Its value is determined by the slot machine denominations that a person is playing. It is the same as the credits.
  • Big Bertha: This term is used for the big and gigantic slot machines that are placed in casinos for the attention getters. They are larger in terms of overall size as compared to regular slots and come with multiple slots.
  • Big Hit: This term is used about the hitting jackpot combination on the slot machine.
  • Bonus Feature: It includes free spins, wild cards or symbols and is offered to the players by many slot machines at both land-based and online casinos.
  • Bonus Multiplier Slots: It refers to a special category of slots that offers huge jackpot to entice players for placing maximum bet or wager.
  • Carousel: It refers to a group of slot machines having a common denomination of betting units like for instance nickel slots or dollar slots.
  • Cashback: It is a common slot term that is used for the comp points or rewards offered to the casino players for their loyalty.
  • Certified Slots: It refers to a particular set of slot machines that offers an RTP or Return to Player of 98-100% and are extremely popular amongst the players.
  • Coin In/Out: It means the total number of units or credits which is being played and paid out to the players. Coin in means number of units played whereas coin out refers to units won by the player.
  • Coins: It comes in several denominations ranging from a penny to five dollars or maybe more.
  • Cold Slot: It refers to the tight slots that are way too strict regarding a payout to the players.
  • Collect: It refers to an option or button on slot machines that can help the slot players to convert their credits into money.
  • Comp Points: It refers to as loyalty points which are offered to the regular players in the form of free spins, meals, cash prizes or other gift vouchers for their time and investment on the slot machines.
  • Credits: It is a jargon used for converting the coins into cash at the slot machine. Like for instance, when the player inserts a dollar into a nickel slot machine, they get 20 credits in return.
  • Doubles: It is used about the symbols on slot machines that comes up twice or thrice at a given time, then the player gets double or triple of the winning amount.
  • Fixed Value Slots: It refers to a particular set of slot machines where the coin size and betting amount is fixed and could not be changed. These slot machines have one denomination and one coin per spin.
  • Five Liners: It refers to slot machines having five paylines and three reels. There are two numbers of diagonal payout lines and three numbers of horizontal payout lines on the five liners.
  • Free Spins: It is a bonus feature where players can spin the reels without having to place any bet whatsoever
  • Games per Hour: On a standard operating slot machine, an individual can play up to five hundred games per hour. However, the games per hour can fluctuate based on the slot machine style.
  • Hammer a Machine: It is a term which refers to the players who is playing on a given slot machine for a very long period with the hope of winning the progressive jackpot.
  • Hit and Run: When someone is playing a single payline slot machine at maximum credits for a few spins and moving to another machine if he does not earn any credits or winning payout.
  • Hit Frequency: It refers to the interval of how regular a given slot machine pays out to the players. A slot machine having a hit frequency of three is considered average. It means that the machine will pay once out of 3 spins.
  • Hold Percentage: It is the amount of money that a particular casino keeps with themselves out of the winning payout of the player. Like for instance, if the winning amount is $100, then the casino will keep $1 and return the remaining $99 to the player.
  • Hot Slots: Also know as loose slots, they are known for more number of payouts of 95-98% as compared to the average slot machines.
  • Instant Winner: When the jackpot amount is paid to the player as a whole lump sum amount instead of a series of instalments distributed over the year.
  • Line Bet: It is the total number of activated paylines on multiple paylines in a slot machine. The paylines can be activated by placing the maximum bet.
  • Min Bet: It means the minimum amount of money that players have to bet per spin. The betting amount may vary from one slot to another
  • Multiplier: It means a bonus slot machine feature where the player gets the payout in the multiples of ten as the final winning amount.
  • Near Miss: It is a slot glossary used when the winning combination almost lands on the slot machine.
  • Nudge Slot: A special slot machine that requires a little amount of nudging from the players to move the winning combination slightly up or down.
  • One Armed Bandit: It is a common slang or jargon used to refer to the slot machines.
  • One-Liner: It refers to the slot machines having only one number of the reel, and the players can line up to three symbols for winning.
  • Onesies: When the casino player is playing only one credit or one coin at a given time for each number of spin at the slot machine.
  • Payline: It is the winning combination line where the reels must land so that the player becomes eligible for the winning amount.
  • Pay Table: It is a slot machine sign that gives information on the number of winning combinations and credits for each number of win.
  • Progressive Jackpot: When the jackpot amount continues to grow in size with each play until the player finally wins it. The winning amount is pretty amazing, and the players get home with a huge cash amount.
  • Reels: It is the disk spinning inside the slot machine window with symbols on it. Players can win money by matching the given symbols on the rows in a slot machine. Some slots have five reels while some may have three or one reels.
  • RNG: It is the abbreviation for Random Number Generator which is a computer program which generates slot machine results randomly from millions of sequences.
  • RTP: It is an abbreviation for Return to Players which refers to the percentage where the slots will payout to the players in due course of playtime. Slots having RTP of 95% and higher are very popular amongst the players.
  • Scatter Pay: It is a special bonus feature where the slot machines offer a payout to the players no matter what other symbols are with the reels.
  • Select Lines: It is the total number of paylines selected by the players on a given slot machine.
  • Slot Club: It refers to the member programs that the casinos offer to the players where rewards and prizes are given to them for playing the game. Players can receive more comps for playing the games regularly and frequently.
  • Slot Host: H/she is the employee or staff at the land-based casino who is available for assisting the players and handling the member issues of slot club.
  • Slot Talk: It refers to the sharing of information between the casino player and slot host.
  • Slot Testing: It is a kind of evaluation where the player tests the winning payout at a given slot machine by playing an entire set of coins.
  • Slot Type: It refers to different categories of slots machines that can be bonus slots, progressive slots, loose slots, tight slots or basic slots.
  • The Sound of Rain: It is a slang which refers to the sound of cashing out the coins from the slot machine upon winning.
  • Streaky Slots: These are special slot machines that are famous for having cold moments and hot moments.
  • Three Liner: A slot machine has three reels where the player must match three similar symbols for winning the cash.
  • TITO: It stands for Ticket In/Ticket Out where the slot machine will print out a ticket to the player once they cash out. The player can subsequently use the ticket for playing at another slot machine.
  • Video Slot: They are special slot machines not having any physical reels but a computer screen where a special program displays the reels.
  • Wager Management: It is a technique to manage the bankroll while playing at the slot machine. It means breaking the bankroll into small amounts for a particular number of gambling sessions.
  • WAP: It stands for Wide Area Progressive which refers to the slot machines situated at different casinos, but the progressive jackpots are linked together.

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