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Online Casino GamificationThe casino industry is continually evolving and rising from strength to strength over the past one decade. In the past half decade, there is a rapid growth of online and mobile casinos which is possible due to technological advancements. It is fantastic to feel that casinos have changed the world around us.

Most of the online casinos offer a variety of slot games to players. It is a fundamental feature available across all the casino sites. Some casinos can go a step further and provide other features like Free Spins and Bonuses apart from online slot games. They might even introduce something known as “Gamification”. It is the next big step in the evolution of online casinos and has picked up some speed in the recent times.

What is Gamification?

It is, in fact, the love child of casino games and video games, a combination of the both. Gamification is the very own story of casino narrated with the help of casino games. Like for instance, you have a hero character, and you have a job to slay the dragon which is terrorising the entire kingdom.

With Gamification, you will experience the trials and tribulations of the warrior by completing the task at hand and earning rewards. For instance, killing the dragon and finding the treasure can get you free spins in return. We think you are getting the point, aren't you?

Gamification is still a pretty new concept, but it is slowly changing the way we play our favourite games at online casinos. Instead of just spinning the wheel tirelessly and getting the basic casino experience, you can get more adventurous by fighting criminals or hoards of werewolves.

The audio-video of Gamification stories are quite impressive, and you will get addictive soon. However, there is no telling how far this concept would go in future by combining different types of entertainment.

Even if you like to play your favourite casino games and don’t want to indulge in anything else, there is no stopping you. With new and latest things happening around us, it is a great time to be a casino player.

Your freedom of choice is growing with every passing second, and the online casinos are ready to put you on the driver’s seat by offering different Gamification. It might be a cliché to say, but sky certainly seems to be the limit over here.

Introducing Gamification to Casino Sites

What is GamificationOver the past ten years, online gambling has changed in several ways, and it is possible with the constant change in technology like the introduction of smartphones and tablets. These devices allow players to access casino games on a regular basis which led to the development of regular casinos.

The gambling industry competition is very stiff, and every casino wants to become a standout winner. But how will casino attract new players and make them return to their site every time and take care of their gambling needs?

Offering favourite games and high bonus payouts alone would not help in keeping the interests of the players. Players have become more demanding, and this is where Gamification comes in. Gamification is not a fad, and it attracts a lot of people and casinos are benefitting a great deal from it.

Players can interact with games and earn a loyal base with the respective casino site. At the same time, players get an enjoyable gaming session that encourages them to return every time. Gamification is the perfect solution where a casino operator and player can reap the benefits of online gaming and earn excellent incentives in return.

Different Types of Gamification at a Glance

Gamification differs from one casino to another and today we will talk about the different ways casino try to engage players to keep them motivated, and they return time and again. Online casinos are using this fantastic technique to increase player retention and creating loyalty.

Some of the different Gamification types are discussed below.

1. Loyalty Points

What should a casino do so that you keep coming back all the time? Well for starters it is the “loyalty points” that creates many interests among the players. Its basic concept is that you earn points the more time you spend at a particular casino site. With regular playing, you will have lots of perks.

You can redeem the loyalty points whenever you feel like doing it. You can get rewards like free spins or special VIP treatment or cash prize. Rewards are a nice gesture from the casino to show their faithfulness and gratitude towards the players. Moreover, every one of us is allergic to rewards, aren’t we?

Ikibu Casino offers loyalty points to the customers in the form of seeds. You can collect the seeds through real money and promotions. In due course of time, you can exchange those seeds for some free spins.

Similarly, Energy Casino offers loyalty rewards through EnergyPoints that you get to earn with regular play. The casino has a dedicated shop where you can redeem your EnergyPoints to buy anything from lighters to branded shirts.

2. Leader Boards

Gamification BenefitsThese days, a majority of online casinos are building their Gamification around leaderboards. This idea is simple, similar to accumulating points that you earn by playing certain online slot games. You move higher on the leaderboard by acquiring more points.

Seeing yourself as a top leaderboard player is often a great feeling. Some casinos offer excellent rewards and special treats for their top leaderboards as a friendly gesture for keeping their motivation high.

There is one such leaderboard available at Rizk Casino where you have to join the daily races, accumulate points and climb up the ladder of the leaderboard. Apart from that, when you play the online slots, you will fill a power bar that brings you near to another Gamification called Wheel of Rizk where you get plenty of rewards.

3. Missions, Goals and Adventure

It is one of the most creative and exciting Gamification types you will come across at the online casinos. The casinos are always committed to coming up with anything as long as you are working towards your goals and trying to complete a mission at hand. There would not be any boredom, but gaming treats all along the way.

Kaboo Casino does this in the sleekest manner. When you pick up a slot game online and complete it, you will have some super cool bounty waiting in the form of free spins. On the other hand, there is Casino Heroes that offers unique Gamification when you explore the magical world with your chosen Hero Avatar, fight with the evil bosses and earn impressive casino bonuses in return.

4. Social Sharing

It is another common Gamification technique used by many online casino sites. Casinos ask players to refer friends or family members and share the leaderboard stats, loyalty points, goals or badges they earn by sharing on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The casino in return will provide the player with excellent rewards that include more loyalty points and special bonuses.

These are some of the typical examples of Gamification that is offered by the casinos to its players. There is plenty more, but we have discussed the important ones else everyone would be here all day.

Effects of Gamification on Psyches

Gamification CasinoWhy use Gamification? Games are played solely for the entertainment purpose and to provide solace from the stressful life. Casinos hope that if you are incorporating the excellent and enjoyable elements of game playing into mobile and online gambling, you will have a far better and enjoyable experience out of the ordinary.

Many psychological effects take place when Gamification is used, and all of them are connected to motivation. Online casinos offering reward programs and giving back the players attractive incentives increase their playing motivation with thriving loyal members. Casinos use gaming dynamics to add triggers to games to encourage people to return every time.

With the help of Gamification, players can set their goals and track their progress while playing games at online casino sites. The casino, in turn, offers them excellent rewards which are beneficial to the player in the long run. It is not just playing casino and winning money any longer.

It is all about competing with other players in online game tournaments, rising the ladder of the leaderboard, earning individual ranks on loyalty tier, getting exclusive bonuses and the chance to become a VIP member which means more rewards.

What do you think about the Gamification at online and mobile casinos? Does it motivate you to play more games and earn bonuses in return? Which are the casinos you experienced the most productive or creative Gamification system? We are looking forward to hearing what you think about it. You can leave your valuable feedback by writing to us.

Thanks for reading.

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