Los Angeles Studio Owner Anxious About Bringing Pan Am Experience to Vegas

PAN AM ExperienceA studio owner in Hollywood is looking forward to bring the recreated experience of travelling on Pan Am Double Decker 747 aircraft to Las Vegas Strip.

The Chief Executive Officer of Air Hollywood studio, Talaat Captan, in a statement said that he is talking with different casinos on the strip to reconstruct 100-seater Pan Am aircraft to attract tourists.

The Pan Am Experience” has been created by the studio’s CEO along with his partner Anthony Toth. The main motto is to relive the experience of travelling on a Pan Am aircraft circa the 1970s.

To provide a nostalgic experience to all the tourists, the studio is planning to make use of genuinely styled outfits, magazines, and menus right down to colognes. Pan Am is a very popular airline that was closed in the year 1991.

Air Hollywood

The re-created plane is now located in Las Vegas, and till date, it has been used for booking the venue for holding 400 different events like birthday celebrations and corporate get together. On a monthly basis, it holds 4-6 events where 2 of them are open to general public. The studio owner wants to bring the Pan Am experience to the visitors in Las Vegas.

Talat Captan while talking with the media made the following statement:

Our client is mature, has been around the world and knows what Pan Am is. This experience is a luxury and is targeted toward people that stay at high-end hotels. People that have money want to do something different.

The visitors at the recreated Pan Am aircraft lounge will have the experience of tasting the tasty cocktails. After that, the passengers would then have to board the 100-seater aircraft that features flight attendants and pilot dressed in 1970s uniform. They in due course of time will be served a multi-course cuisine that will be entirely based on the type of ticket purchased by the visitor.

The meal could include varying items like for instance chateaubriand, black caviar, vodka, and shrimp. The original practices of the aeroplane are followed by the stewardess at the time of meal serving that includes cutting the meat in aisles.

The other activities include a fashion show of different Pan Am uniforms and aviation-based trivia games. The tourists will have the privilege to experience the event for 3 hours, and it is priced at $300 for each person for a five-course meal with seats in lower decks. For people who pay $400, they will be offered a six-course dinner and it will be served in upper floors.

The CEO of the Los Angeles studio further said that the experience of Pan Am would make the visitors go back in time. He also added that the studio has perfected its operation over the past years and is all set in providing the same experience to visitors on a regular basis. The experience would be further enhanced by making use of LED projectors and usage of light turbulence sensation.

Talaat Captan further commented that he had got one offer from Caesars Entertainment for renting 10,000 square space for the aircraft. However, he had declined the offer, and it was not very attractive and convincing.

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