Gambling Operator Often Bail Out When Player Win Due to Palp

Casino VoidThe brick and mortar casinos, as well as the online gambling operators, invest a lot of money in gaming technology and software development to offer a blemish free and immersive gaming experience to players.

But the case is different with roulette table game as the balls in many instances ricochet off the wheel and land upon the gaming table. At the same time, slot machines do get jammed at times, and online casino application hangs sometimes.

Things do get the other way when people are playing their favourite casino games and gambling. There are instances where dice balls bounce off and fall on the ground and in the meantime dealers make the misdeal. These malfunctions at times can lead to unexpected winning for some casino gamblers.

FanDuel Pays $82,000 after Computer Malfunction

FanDuel was able to stray itself away from the honoured tradition after it agreed to pay a bettor an amount worth $82,000 after the computers mistakenly generated the odds on his football betting.

The story goes on like this when a gambler by the name Anthony Prince, staying at Newark in New Jersey placed wagering in the final moments if a football match that involved Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos.

Due to a brief computer malfunction, it generated inflated odds to 12 bettors. Instead of getting a few dollars on his bet worth $110, the wrong odds promised him an amount of $82,000. When he went to the cashier counter to collect his winning amount, he was informed about the computer software glitch, and he was not entitled to the prize money.

These situations are referred to as ‘palps’ by the gaming regulators and industry officials. Palps stand for palpable errors, and when it happens, it is left for the bookmaker to decide how to handle the situation. One thing is quite obvious that a high probability bet can never pay a winning amount worth $82,0000.

But Prince was assured by FanDuel that he would get the amount in a few days, and the money was indeed paid back. FanDuel also honoured the remaining 11 bets that were placed due to the inflated odds from that football match.

Mistakes are Common in the Gambling Industry

Not every gambler is as lucky as Anthony Prince of New Jersey. In one instance, a lady decided to sue Resorts World Casino after her jackpot money worth $43 million was voided back in 2016. The court ruled that the machine malfunctioned and she was not entitled to the prize money. In another case, a Canadian was told he won $1 million jackpot on two occasions only to be informed later that he was eligible for a payout for just $4000.

There are plenty of stories and interesting cases about gaming machine malfunction and frozen game applications that have voided bets and caused agitation amongst players. So, if you happen to win a huge chunk of money and the casino operator says it was due to palps error, don’t get your hopes high as you won’t be eligible for the prize money.

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