ECA Vice Chair Wants EU to Track Illegal iGaming Providers

illegal gambling europeIn the last one decade or so, the iGaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds with more developments to see in the next five years.

Unfortunately, Europe has been lagging behind in this respect where the online gambling industry is stagnant.

The gaming analysts cite several reasons for this like miserable market growth, a small pool of gamblers, high taxes and strict gambling regulations.

However, there is another significant reason for the sluggish and lazy growth in the online gambling industry of Europe is due to the mushrooming of several illegitimate gambling operators.

Professor Dietmar Hoscher has directly addressed this growing concern who serves as a Vice Chairman for European Casino Association or ECA. During a keynote presentation held at 12th Conference of European Association of Study of Gambling at Malta, he expressed his views on the illegal gambling market in Europe.

At the presentation, he said that the EU nations in the recent times have taken strict steps to address the illegal gambling concerns and it has worked wonders for several nations. Unfortunately, the fraudulent casino operators continue to target EU countries and are expanding their business because the gambling agencies are not sufficiently vigilant in wiping them completely.

It is a grave issue and leaves a big question mark on the gaming agencies in Europe. The illegitimate iGaming operators are putting innocent gamblers at potential risks that include identity theft, phishing apart from rendering a nightmarish gambling experience.

Unlicensed Casino Operators Eating Up Profits

These unknown and illegal casino operators control a big chunk of gambling market all over Europe. As a result of which, they are eating up the profits of the licensed casino operators. This, in turn, is giving an adverse impact on overall tax collection from games by EU countries and poses a severe threat to the game regulators at the same time.

The Vice Chairman for European Casino Association further says that it is possible to mitigate the overall impact of illegal gambling operators. But doing so will require collective and dedicated effort from all the gaming regulatory bodies in Europe.

In his presentation, Professor Dietmar Hoscher says that it is high time Europe has to eliminate the illegal mushrooming of gambling operators and for that everyone needs to be united. The gaming regulatory bodies have to chalk out a proper plan and share their best prices to root out illegal gambling.

In a statement, Professor Dietmar Hoscher says:

Policy-makers, regulators and all stakeholders involved need to join forces and stop the provision of illegal online gambling. This requires strengthened enforcement of national gambling legislation through blacklists, IP blocking and payment blocking, as well as cooperation with online platforms and intermediaries.

Recently, the European Casino Association has released two reports to address the growing concern of illegal gambling operators. The first report deals with unlicensed gambling across different countries in Europe and the second one talks about the different strategies and measures that need to be taken to root out the illegal gambling.

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