Casino Terms: Definition Lingo and Jargon for Players

casino termsAs per the opinion of the majority of newbie players, entering into the world of casino and gambling industry obliges you to get your hands on a specialised dictionary of words. Just like any other industry, the online gambling and casino gaming utilises a wide range of individual expression, keywords and specific phrases. How well do you know the casino terms and are you familiar with its meaning?

We have prepared a dynamic list of all the essential terms that can help you get acquainted with the gaming terminology and get you to play the slots and other casino games in a relaxing and fun manner. Some words are specific to the land-based casinos while some are for the online casinos. So, hope on, grab some popcorn and start reading below.

For the sake of convenience for the players and our readers, we have broken the casino terms by individual games played at the casino site like – Poker, Roulette, Video Poker, Slot Machine, Craps and Blackjack.

Poker Terms and Glossary

PokerAlthough we are way past by several years from the fever pitch of the United States poker boom, we can still feel its effect even today. You might come across poker advertisements on the television which was something that never happened two decades ago. If you are excited about a game of poker, here are some terms and glossary that can help you while playing this game.

  • Aces Full: A complete house with three aces or any pair
  • Action: People play many pots is known as an action game
  • Active Player: A player or an individual who is still in the hand
  • Ante: A small bet or wager required by the player to start a hand
  • Bad Beat: When you are losing with a potentially strong hand
  • Big Blind: It is an early wager or bet required of a particular player
  • Betting: Placing the chips on the pot
  • Bicycle: A straight hand which is A-2-3-4-5
  • Bluff: Making other players realise you have a better hand which is not so
  • Call: When you try to match your previous betting
  • Call Cold: Calling both the bet and a raise
  • Cash Out: Leaving the game and converting the chips into cash
  • Chop: Returning the blinds to players and moving onto next hand
  • Collusion: When a group of two or more people try to cheat
  • Dead Man’s Hand: Two pairs of Aces and Eight
  • Doyle Brunson: It is a Hold’em Card comprising of 10-2
  • Draw Lowball: Discarding one or more cards and swapping them with new ones
  • Early Position: When you act before other players on the table
  • Fifth Street: Also known as river card which is the final round of betting
  • Floorman: Card room staff who makes the decisions and ruling
  • Four of a Kind: Four cards having the same face value or number
  • Hold’em: When you get five community cards and two down cards
  • Jacks or Better: You must have two jacks to start the betting
  • Kill Pot: Forced betting by a player who has just won a pot
  • Limit Poker: A game with maximum and minimum betting intervals
  • Monster: A big hand in the poker tournament
  • No Limit: You can bet as much as possible
  • Omaha: You get four down cards and five community cards
  • Pay Off: Quitting the final round of betting
  • Railbird: A person who is not playing and watching the game
  • Satellite: A mini-tournament used for gaining entry to a big tournament

Roulette Terms and Glossary

Roulette This game might not be as much popular today as it was a couple or three decades earlier. However, still, this game has a huge fan following and a large player base around the world. The fact that gaming developers are designing new variants of roulette is more than sufficient to prove the craziness of this game amongst gamblers. Learn these jargons below to have a great and entertaining session of roulette.

  • American Wheel: There are 38 pockets on a wheel numbered from 1 to 3
  • Biased Wheel: Where all numbers are not equally likely to win on a particular spin
  • Call Bets: Placing the bets by speaking loudly instead of placing chips on the table
  • Carr: It is a French term which means Corner Bet
  • Column Bet: Wagering is done on three numbers of columns with a payout of 2:1
  • En Prison: Applicable to even money bets and found only in Europe
  • European Wheel: There are 37 pockets numbered from 1-36 with zero symbol
  • Inside Bet: Placing the bet on the numbers inside the layout
  • Outside Bet: Placing the bet on even money
  • Street Bet: Placing the bet on particular 3 set of numbers
  • Sixainne: It is a French term for 6 line bet

Video Poker Terms and Glossary

Video Poker It is a top-rated modern game that offers gratification of a slot machine but with a particular set of skills that gives a high repaying value to players. Mentioned below is a quick glossary of common terms that you might come across while playing video poker. Read the terms to get yourself familiarised.

  • Bonus Poker: The bonus is available for particular high-value cards
  • Comp: Compensation or extra rewards in the form of free coins or cash backs
  • Deuces Wild Poker: All the twos are wild cards
  • Double Bonus Poker: Bonus is available only on high-value hands
  • Full House: A hand with 3 of a kind with a pair like 2S, 2H, 9C
  • Joker Poker: Only a single wildcard is available
  • Kicker: A card when added to another hand increases the win
  • Multi-Hand: Playing more than one hand at a time
  • Pay Table: Possible payout available on winning
  • Royal Flush: Featuring the highest ranked cards of any suit
  • Three of a Kind: A hand with three cards of the same value and two different cards
  • Wild Card: A card that can substitute for other available cards
  • Wild Royal: A Royal Flush comprising Wild Cards

Slot Machine Terms and Glossary

best slot gamesIt is beyond the shadow of the doubt the most popular and widely played game at any casino whether it is a land-based or an online one. It has seen a major resurgence in the recent times' thanks to sophisticated games developed by software companies like NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming. If you are a newcomer to a slot machine, here are some terms you need to know before you start playing.

  • Bet Max: Number of credits on the slot machine you can bet per spin
  • Bet One: You can only bet one unit or credit per spin on a slot machine
  • Big Bertha: Big sized slot machines kept in casinos for attention getters
  • Carousel: A group of slot machines with betting denomination like dollar units
  • Cashback: Comp points or rewards given to the players
  • Certified Slots: Slots having a payout of 98-100%
  • Five Liner: Slot Machines having three reels where you can win up to 5 payout lines
  • Hammer a Machine: Playing the same slot for a very long period
  • Hot Slots: Slot machines that are loose and pay more often than other slots
  • Line Bet: Placing the maximum bet on the activated paylines on slot machines
  • Multiplier: When the payout is multiplied up to 10 times of bonus amount
  • Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot that keeps growing until it is won

Craps Terms and Glossary

CrapsIt is another unique and most recognisable casino game all thanks to the dice prop. Before you commence this game, you must be aware of its jargons. Mentioned over here are common craps vocabulary that you should learn to become an expert player.

  • Any Craps: Single unit betting on 2, 3, 12 with a payout ratio of 7:1
  • Apron: Outside perimeter of the craps gaming table
  • Big 8: Betting that eight will come before 7 and has a house edge of 8.1%
  • Big 6: Betting that six will come before 7 and house edge of just 1.5%
  • Black: $100 chips which are in black at most of the casinos
  • Boxman: The casino dealer who sits in the middle of the table
  • Capped Dice: A term used for crooked dice having a scratch or mark
  • Hardway Bet: A bet that pairs will roll out before any non-pair combination
  • Snake Eyes: A common term used when a roll of 2 comes

Blackjack Terms and Glossary

blackjackWhen it comes to playing games at land-based or online casinos, Blackjack happens to be an all-time favourite for the gamblers and gaming aficionados. It is one of the safest bets to place provided you have a basic understanding of the game and understand the gaming strategy. Here are some terms you should check out before starting the gameplay.

  • Blackjack: Initial two card hand with maximum points up to 21
  • Bust: Points to the excess of 21
  • Cut: Splitting the card deck before dealing out
  • Draw: Adding a new card to the existing hand
  • Face Cards: Cards having pictures like the king, queen or jack
  • Hard Hand: A game hand without any Ace
  • Late Surrender: Quitting the game only if the dealer does not have Blackjack
  • Push: A tie between the dealer and player
  • Shoe: The place where the deck of cards are held
  • Soft Hand: A game hand with an Ace
  • Wager: Another term for placing bets

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