Authorities in Vietnam Uncovers Massive Online Gambling Ring

vietnam Online Gambling RingIn an ongoing crackdown on illegal betting in the country, the Vietnamese authority has uncovered a major online gambling ring. During the operation, a large amount of cash of $26 million and guns were seized. Also, 10 were arrested and put behind bars.

According to the local police, this illegal online gambling ring was in operation since July 2018 and was running many sports betting websites and other gambling forms. Several innocent punters were lured into this illicit operation.

The betting amount of $25.7 million was placed across many different passwords protected websites. The investigation has pointed out a website by the name of Bong 88 which is a US-based casino site but has obtained a gaming license from the Philippines. Bong 88 which is a popular wagering choice amongst the local gamblers has been cited in many police actions in Vietnam over the past several years.

Vietnam prohibits almost all kinds of gambling and the person found guilty has to fail jail time for a maximum period of 10 years. Foreigners are also not allowed to place wagering at the local casinos in Vietnam. However, in 2017, the government announced to relax the sports betting restrictions, but new rules are yet to come into action.

Police Officers Involved in Major Gambling Ring

As betting is getting popular across the globe, it is leaving quite an influence on the residents of Vietnam who want to access online betting. This growing demand amongst the residents has caught the attention of both local as well as foreign casino operators who want to tap into the betting market of Vietnam and earn profits in return.

Gangs Hired to Collect Debts from Gamblers

During the investigation, seven people were arrested while three have surrendered to the authorities. The police authorities are hunting for other culprits involved in this massive online gambling ring. Many raids were conducted in different houses across several cities in the central region of Vietnam.

Many cars and mobile phones were confiscated in the raids along with $20,000 cash and two rifles. The complete details of the investigation and police operation are available on Quang Nam which is the official website of the Provincial Police.

It is reported that a gang is involved with the illegal loan sharks to collect debts forcefully from the gamblers who declined to pay back the money. It is to be noted that this is not the first time that a significant gambling racket has been busted in Vietnam as there have been quite many illegal gambling operations that were uncovered by police officials.

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