6 Casinos Situated in the Most Remote Places on Earth


remote casinosWhenever we talk about casinos, we picture in our mind the tall extravagant buildings, flashy lights and a lot of foot flow. The city of Las Vegas is known as the gaming capital of the world with all its electronic billboards, busy, bustling metropolises and slot machines. It is the gaming hub of all the casino aficionados, and gamblers crave to be at this place.

Have you ever thought about a land-based casino on a tiny island which is not accessible by many people? Do such casinos exist and how do they manage to operate by offering the casino games to its customers?

However, what if you are a kind of gambler who is not attracted to the city lights and want to get away from it? You want to get off the beaten track and gamble someplace out of the ordinary. Well, you are in luck because there exist such places where you can escape the people while still finding casino heaven for yourself.

There exist some casinos in the most remote places on the Earth that you would not imagine. Here, we are going to talk about six such casinos that are situated in a distant and far off place yet running smoothly. Have a look at these casinos below.

The Grand Casino (Turkmenistan)

The Grand Casino TurkmenistanWe believe you have never heard about this place and even if you do, we bet you didn’t know such casino exists over there. The interesting thing you need to know that it is a fully functioning land-based casino situated in Central Asia.

Turkmenistan shares its border with countries like Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran and the Caspian Sea. Previously known as “Turkmenia”, this country became an essential part of Soviet Union in 1925 and became independent in 1991.

This country is famous for the natural gas and is the fourth largest reserve in the world. More than 80% of its land is barren with desert sands and is one of the most remote countries in the world.

In spite of being isolated from the rest of the world, it has two casinos out of which The Grand Casino is the largest. There are 150 slot machines, and 13 tables are available for players. The casino is open 24 hours a day throughout the week and is a vital source of amusement for the Turks. The casino offers a restaurant, two bars and one hotel for the customers.

Allure Resort (Myanmar)

Allure Resort MyanmarMyanmar formerly known as Burma is located in South East Asia. It shares the border with Bangladesh and India on the west and with Thailand and Laos on the east. The south of Myanmar is a continuous coastline along the Andaman Sea featuring the Bay of Bengal.

The country is famous for the natural resources of oil, gems, natural gas and jade with a massive population of 51 million. Its capital is Naypyidaw, and the largest city is Yangon which was previously known as Rangoon.

The Allure Resort in Myanmar is situated in a town called Tachileks; sharing its border with Thailand. Gambling in Thailand is forbidden, and this casino is the best place for people across the border to come and play a round or two of table games.

The casino is known for its 133 slot gaming machines with 16 poker tables and other top rated games. The additional facilities of the Allure Resort include a restaurant called Maesai Café, a hotel and a shuttle service to the airport.

Best Sunshine Live (Saipan)

Best Sunshine Live SaipanThis casino is located on the Beach Road in the Garapan city and was temporarily opened in July 2015. It is a tiny island just 1.2 square kilometres across the west Pacific of Saipan. This small island is an essential place for the tourism and cultural attraction of the country.

The casino underwent renovation and was officially opened for public access in November 2015. It started a new junket operation from December that very year itself. Gambling was never allowed in this country earlier, and the Best Sunshine Live casino in Garapan city became the first location in Saipan that permitted gambling legally.

Although situated at a remote island, the casino boasts of 45 tables out of which 5 are VIP junket operations, 106 exciting slot machine games with progressive bonus slots. This casino is undoubtedly a onetime visit if you want to gamble in a serene and solitude environment.

The casino offers other services apart from gaming like live dealing training. It provides a sophisticated noodle bar where top chefs prepare best and scrumptious meals. There are a snack bar and a luxury lounge on the premises of the casino where you can dine and relax.

Atka-Ira Council (Atka)

Atka-Ira Council AtkaAtka is a small island which was created by a volcano. The entire island is spread across just 94 square kilometres out of which 75% is covered with water. Atka is in the middle of an ocean and classifies as one of the most remote places on Earth where you are going to find a casino site.

The population is just 95 and not even 100. With such less number of people residing on this island, their primary source of survival is fishing because it is situated in the Bearing Sea.

There is a hotel in Atka offering accommodation for four people. There is a snack bar at the back offering three meals to the customers. There is not anything to do on this island apart from fishing and reading, which is the reason why they have requested for a casino in the first place.

The Atka-Ira Council casino offers bingo, tabs, little slot machines and few table games. Even if you win the jackpot money, there is so little to spend it on this remote island.

Baden-Baden (Germany)

baden-baden casinoIt is the oldest casino in Germany and hailed as “one of the most beautiful casinos in the world”, and it is easy to say why. The casino was built in the early 19th century and located in a spa town on the edge of the Black Forest.

Baden-Baden is regarded as one of the most romantic casinos of Europe. While Germany is accessible from rest of the world, this casino is situated in a far less built up location. This place enjoys some stunning and jaw-dropping scenery which you definitely should not miss at any cost.

Dive into old-school gambling with slot machines, poker, blackjack and roulette in the ambience of Belle Epoque. It is the place where the night shimmers and shines. Apart from gambling, you can take a tour of the enthralling game halls where you get an insight into the casino’s history.

Divi Carina Bay Casino (US Virgin Islands)

Divi Carina Bay CasinoIf you like warm climate for gambling, then you need to set the compass for the Divi Carina Bay Casino at US Virgin Islands. You will enjoy the unadulterated pleasure of viewing Divi Carina Bay All Inclusive Beach Resort and Casino as well as Grapetree beach while you partake Caribbean gambling.

The casino is located in St Croix is world famous for its excellent diving apart from its gambling services. Take a break from the casino games by diving into the tempting Caribbean Sea. It is speculated that the place will be closed for some time due to renovation work and will be available in 2019. If you are planning to visit this remote casino, plan your trip accordingly.


In today’s time, it does not matter where you are residing. Casinos are growing with every passing day, and there is always a demand for a new casino resort. Even in nations where gambling is prohibited, people seek alternative solutions.

Since the beginning of time, it was known that countries offering casino gambling to players were wealthy nations because maintaining a casino is an expensive affair. However, this blog post proves everything wrong. A nation need not have to be productive and affluent to offer casino gambling to people. There can be casinos in the most remote places where there is a thin population like the ones mentioned above.

In this post, we have just mentioned only six casinos that are situated in the most remote places on Earth. There are many such casinos across the world that we are not aware. Some remote areas might have more than one casino in their city. You should know that the remote casinos operate on a smaller scale, so they are not extravagant and stylish like the casinos in large cities like Las Vegas.

The main reason why the casino was built in such a remote place is to provide a source of entertainment to people apart from making money. Spending time on the slot machine can be relaxing for many people or enjoying dinner with the family can be a lovely experience for others.

Visiting a casino in a remote place will always be one of the best attractions where all these amenities and features are available under one roof. So the next time you are on a trip to a foreign country, make sure to learn about their casinos. Who knows there might exist a remote casino? Do pay a visit and you will get the experience of a lifetime.

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