32Red Casino Slapped with £2 Million for Problem Gambling

32Red Casino FineIn the recent times, the United Kingdom government has implemented stringent norms to tackle problem gambling in the country. Many of the online gambling companies are in hot water due to the strict gaming stance of the UKGC.

This measure is taken to control the increasing gambling addiction in the country.

In this regard, the UKGC or United Kingdom Gambling Commission has imposed a harsh penalty to 32Red Casino which is a favourite gaming operator in the UK. The gaming authority has slapped a fine of £2 Million for failing to implement problem gambling and not following the norms of the Gamestop program.

The UKGC imposed the £2 Million fine after 32Red Casino was unable to control problem gambling on its website and encouraged people to continue playing. The casino operator did not take any steps to prevent problem gamblers from accessing its site. In fact, the casino went ahead and gave these problem gamblers a VIP status and additional bonuses with special promotions instead of restricting them from playing.

According to UKGC, 32Red Casino should have seen the danger signs after when a problem gambler deposited £758,000 within a time span of 2 years. The additional thing the casino ignored was that the player admitted that he played too much and was continuing to recover from his gaming losses.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission went on to impose this strict penalty because 32Red Casino has flouted the gaming regulations. The casino has admitted a problem gambler without taking proper steps. Apart from that, the casino did not investigate that the player was gambling beyond his limits. These are some of the things 32 Casino did not pay attention to under the gaming regulations of the UK.

Severe Penalty for Multiple Gaming Violations

In a statement, Richard Watson, who is the Executive Director of the United Kingdom Gaming Commission, says:

Instead of checking on the welfare of a customer displaying problem gambling behaviour, 32Red encouraged the customer to gamble more. It is the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be doing. Operators must take action when they spot signs of problem gambling and should be carefully reviewing all the customers they are having a high level of contact with.

32Red Casino instead of restricting problem gambling gave the status of VIP membership to the concerned person. In addition to this, the player made several comments that clearly show that he was addicted and 32Red Casino failed to notice it.

At the same time, the casino failed to implement the money laundering regulations. The casino did not investigate the gambler’s source of wealth even when his monthly deposits were more than the annual income.

In a response, 32Red Casino which is subsidiary of Kindred Group of Gambling Companies has accepted its mistake and will pay the fine. At the same time, the casino has agreed to implement strict gaming procedures to restrict problem gambling on its website. One company spokesperson said that the company is dedicated at providing customer satisfaction and would offer a secure environment in future to improve its business processes.

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